Tibetan Terrier: Dog Breed Profile

Country of origin: Tibet
Shoulder height: 35 – 41 cm
Weight: 11 – 15 kg
Age: 12 – 15 years
Colour: all colors except chocolate and liver brown
Use: companion dog, the family dog

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized, long-haired companion dog with a sparkling temperament and a lot of urge to move. Raised with loving consistency, it is an adaptable family dog. However, it needs a job and enough occupation so it is only suitable for active and sporty people.

Origin and history of the Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier does not belong to the terrier breeds – as the name might suggest – but to the group of companion dogs. In his home country, he is also correctly called Tibetan Apso. Its origin lies in the mountains of Tibet, where it was mainly used as a herding and guard dog. Its long, dense and double fur offered ideal protection against the harsh climatic conditions of the high plateau. The first dogs came to England in the mid-1920s, and about ten years later the breed was recognized in England and given the incorrect suffix “Terrier”.

Appearance of the Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized, sturdy dog ​​of roughly square build. It has a long, lush coat that consists of a smooth to slightly wavy top coat and a dense, fine undercoat. The head is equally hairy, and on the lower jaw, the hair forms a small beard. The coat color of the Tibetan terrier is very variable, ranging from white, gold, cream, gray or smoky, black, two- or three-tone. Virtually any color is possible except chocolate or liver brown.

The ears are pendulous and very hairy, and the eyes are large, round, and dark brown. The tail is of medium length, profusely hairy, and carried curled over the back. The characteristic of the Tibetan Terrier is the broad, flat paws with strong pads, which give the animal a good grip even on impassable or snow-covered terrain.

Temperament of the Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a very active and alert dog, even one who loves to bark. However, it is neither aggressive nor argumentative. Extremely agile, it is an adept climber with plenty of jumping power. It is confident and spirited and has strong assertiveness. With loving and consistent training – without pressure or harshness – the Tibetan Terrier is very teachable and can also be enthusiastic about all kinds of dog sports activities – such as agility, dog dance, or obedience.

A Tibetan Terrier needs close family connections and loves to participate in all activities. Therefore, it also feels comfortable in a lively family, where there is always something going on. Provided they are given a job and given adequate exercise – in the form of sport, play, and long walks – the Tibetan Terrier is also an even-tempered and pleasant family pet. The ideal home is a house with a garden, but with enough exercise and activity, it can also be kept in an apartment.

The Tibetan Terrier is therefore suitable for sporty, active, and adventurous people who do not mind regular grooming. The robust Tibetan Terriers are quite long-lived – these dogs often live to be 16 years or older.

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