Tibetan Spaniel – Small Lion Dog from Tibet

Behind the name of the breed, the Tibetan Spaniel does not hide either a spaniel or even a hunting dog. In its Tibetan homeland, the Jemtse Apso is a popular domestic and family dog. In addition to being vigilant, the little lion has one main task: he wants to be close to his people. To this day, many of these interesting curly dogs live in Tibetan monasteries. Are you also satisfied with a big nature in a small package?

Companion Dog with Security Function – for Many Centuries

The history of the Jemtse Apso, which means “shorn Apso”, goes back so far that its origin is currently unclear. One thing is for sure: this is one of the oldest Asian dog breeds. Animals of this very original breed have been kept as companions in homes and monasteries for many centuries. People’s love for their little Apso stems from the many benefits of living with small dogs: they speak loudly about every visitor, keep their people warm during long cold winters, and they are some of the best comforters and listeners of all dog breeds. Little lion dogs have a special talent for listening to their people and making faces as if they can understand every word. And who knows…

Tibetan Spaniel Personality

The little Tibetan has a very philanthropic, affectionate character. He loves to be around all the time and fits in nicely with his human partner’s daily routine. Indeed, the Tibetan Spaniel treats its people as partners and wants to be treated with respect. You can definitely describe him as regal and a bit arrogant. With these strong, brave, and intelligent dogs, you will not achieve anything with pressure and rigidity. At the same time, they are so smart that they willingly use the lack of leadership for their own purposes. The right balance of giving and receiving is in the blood of an attractive Leo. If you pay attention to this, you will definitely get a wonderful, easy-to-manage companion.

The curious, independent and adventurous side of the Tibetan Spaniel often shows up on a walk or on a leaky garden fence. Although he does not have hunting instincts, he still finds plenty to do in the wilderness. So your memory must be very good before you let the little Tibetan off the leash. This is especially important if your little companion is allowed to go hiking with you: Tibetan Spaniels love all kinds of excursions and are remarkably stable, hardy, and persistent. It is not surprising, because their ancestors had to conquer the mountain paths on the Tibetan heights with their people.

Probably the most important nature trait in terms of keeping and training is the barking of a small dog. It’s in their blood to report any suspicious noise. If you want to counteract this, you must start as early as possible.

Upbringing & Attitude

When training a Tibetan Spaniel, the focus should be on honesty and consistency. Of course, this applies to any breed of dog, but little dog places a lot of importance on appreciative interaction at eye level. His upbringing, therefore, is not so much in receiving commands, but in communicating with a partner. If these general conditions are correct, a loyal and obedient Tibetan is easy to train. Even novice dog owners usually get along well with this breed if they seek professional help from film schools, especially in the beginning.

Due to their adaptability, cute gnomes do not make special demands on their content. Whether it’s a small city apartment, a house with a garden, or a farm, there is a warm spot in every hut. However, they are not just lap dogs: they enjoy walking, hiking, and even climbing. While cycling, they sometimes need a break in the bike basket.

In addition to daily exercise, strong babies benefit from a little mental exercise. Their biggest talent – security – they perform without outside help at any time. Hunting and retrieving are as little for them as nose work. But thanks to their intelligence, they learn dog tricks faster than some other dog breeds. Why don’t they bring you slippers in the evening? Or teach him to open doors? Little Tibetan Spaniel can do amazing things when he enjoys working with his people.

Tibetan Spaniel Care

Despite the long coat, the Tibetan Spaniel is considered unpretentious in care. Regular cleaning, of course, is required, but apart from that, you don’t have much to do. Trimming or trimming is neither necessary nor desirable as it will destroy the silky, water-repellent structure of the hair.

Characteristics & Health

The Tibetan Spaniel is a friendly, usually cheerful, intelligent companion dog for people of all ages. He easily adapts his need for movement to his people and finds his way into almost any environment. Only one thing is important to him: as little as possible to be alone!

As far as health is concerned, the Tibetan has a strong physique. There are some known hereditary diseases that must be checked before breeding is allowed. These include a form of deafness more common in white dogs, vision problems such as eyelid changes and retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia (HD), patellar luxation, and kidney problems. Therefore, buy a puppy only from a recognized breeder. A well-groomed and slender Tibetan Spaniel can live up to 15 years.

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