This is What Cats Need for a Perfect Day

Playing, climbing, eating, and sleeping – fur noses have a lot to do on a successful cat’s day. Accessories, care products, and the right food help ensure that nothing is missing. PetReader reveals how domestic cats feel completely at home.

The Most Important Meal of the Day: Breakfast

Who is always woken up in the morning by a purring, impatient house tiger? What the furballs so urgently want from their humans at the early hour is clear: food. Best served from a cat-sized bowl. Dishwasher-safe, food-safe bowls make it possible to feed cats hygienically and cleanly. Modern designer crockery made of ceramic, for example, meets all cat needs and looks good in the feeding area.

And what is in the bowl? For everyone who loves their pet, naturally, species-appropriate food is made from good meat and without artificial additives. Cat foods that are nutritionally tailored to the needs of house cats are best for the cuddly tigers. High-quality feed is free from soy proteins and grains or artificial additives.

For sensitive animals with allergies or intolerances, well-stocked suppliers also offer feeds with just one type of meat. This not only tastes good to the cat but also gives the owner a clear conscience.

If the friends on four paws should go wrong when they are hungry for breakfast, a bowl mat ensures a clean floor: Washable silicone mats protect the floor covering and the nerves of the owner. Some manufacturers even offer them to match the bowl.

Take a Nap Now! What Cats Need to Rest

After a hearty breakfast, the two-legged friends would love to crawl back into bed – that’s exactly how the fat little tigers feel. Cat beds or hammocks are particularly cozy and can be placed directly next to the heater to be cozy and warm.

If you have one of those cats who love cardboard boxes, bags, and crackling paper, you can try a cat bag. Such an exciting rustling paper cave offers space to play and cuddle.

Wild Romping or Clever Occupation: Cat Toys

After a lazy morning, many well-rested kittens suddenly start moving: they start with extensive stretching and claw care, the animals love their scratching furniture. They are magically attracted by models with catnip and ensure that cats do not accidentally abuse the sofa or protruding corners of the room for pleasurable clawing.

On the perfect cat’s day, things can get wild. In search of fun and games, the fur noses then wander attentively through the house. Cat toys with catnip, also known as catnip, are particularly attractive. The smell of the herb has a bewitching effect on most cats, which is why they particularly like chasing after mice and cuddly toys with Catnip.

Others need a little more action to get excited to play. For these fur friends, fairways are suitable, which offer fun even without human help. Ideal for cats that are often at home alone during the day. Animals that also want to be mentally challenged have a lot of fun with intelligent toys. Puzzle games filled with rewards also challenge fur friends who otherwise get bored easily.

While some cats play playfully around the apartment, others prefer to have a little peace and quiet. You can enjoy the view from climbing furniture and cupboards or hide in the cat tunnel. The silent observer feels most comfortable when they have everything in view and are enthroned above things.

It Should Be Hygienic and Clean: the Litter Box

To encourage cats to house-train, owners are best off offering a clean, easily accessible litter box. Modern litter boxes are designed to look appealing in the bathroom or other locations.

So that the velvet paws like to use it, it helps to keep the litter fresh and to remove excrement and lumpy litter at least once a day with a special shovel. Regular cleaning prevents odor development.

Love Goes Through the Stomach: Snacks for Cats

Regardless of whether it is playful or casual, after the strenuous activity, it is time for a little refreshment! Treats made from dried meat are particularly cat-friendly. Snack cubes made from real meat can be transported easily and cleanly, hidden in intelligent toys, and hand-fed. The species-appropriate food without gluten, grain, or additives is particularly good for the animals and is also suitable for sensitive people who are sensitive to many feed ingredients.

Grooming Strengthens Friendship Between Animals and Humans

When the fur friends stop by their humans to nibble on treats, they can take care of their fur right away. Special cat brushes, combs, and grooming gloves are suitable for this.

Gentle brushing not only loosens loose hair from the coat and prevents matting, but also stimulates blood circulation and distributes protective sebum in the coat. Last but not least, it also ensures a cozy cuddle unit and strengthens the bond between two and four-legged friends.

After such a perfect day, diurnal house cats are ready for a well-deserved sleep in their cat bed. So that you can wake your person up more or less gently the next morning.

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