This is How You Understand the Language of Rabbits

No more mute animals: rabbits clearly show how they are doing – you just have to look carefully and correctly interpret your long-eared behavior. Because if you understand the language of rabbits, you will have more fun with your rodent and can act faster in emergency situations.

If the rabbit nudges you on the nose, this is a good sign. “This is a flattering sign that the rabbit is not afraid, but feels completely at ease in the presence of its owner,” says Esther Schmidt, author of numerous rabbit guides.

So when you nudge your nose, you can be happy and flattered. Jumping around and curiously exploring the area are also good signs.

If your rabbit licks your hand, you can also be happy: This is how your long-eared person expresses its affection for you. Then you officially belong to the rabbit clan. The animals also express well-being by gently grinding their teeth – for example when stroking or brushing.

Rabbit Language: Recognize Emergency Signals

If, on the other hand, your rabbit is not doing well and is in pain, for example, it shows this by loudly grinding its teeth. The posture is tense and the animal is nervous. They may also behave apathetically and their eyes will be clouded. Then act quickly and take the rabbit to the vet.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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