These Are The 13 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

There are many dog breeds that are known for their intelligence and their quick comprehension.

Working dogs like hunting dogs belong here!

Aside from the smartest dog breeds on our list, we would like to emphasize that training and caring for them can further encourage intelligent dog breeds.

In addition, a loving goal also ensures docility.

In any case, our number 12 is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

Smart and active, perfect for you?

Border collie

They are currently considered to be the smartest breed of dog because they always inspire in shows on TV or on the Internet with tricks or problem solving.

A herding dog in the northern English Scottish hills, he often works alone and is used to acting independently and responding to his flock.

Provided that they get the necessary exercise and appropriate activity in the form of games, they are perfect family dogs for active people.


They are used today by rescue services, the police and therapy. The docile, tightly curled French have an excellent memory.

As an intelligent dog breed, they are considered not only because of their cleverness, but also because of their abilities as companion dogs for handicapped people.

They integrate empathetically and patiently into families and cling to their owners. The desire to please contributes to the fact that they quickly follow parenting measures.

German shepherd dog

Anyone who occasionally follows German television series or American entertainment knows that German shepherds are both good detectives and intelligent employees.

It probably comes as no surprise that they see them as part of rescue teams, as well as in the police, mountain rescue services, customs and military.

Aside from their cleverness, owners of this intelligent dog breed value their hard work, loyalty, and patience and love towards children.

Golden retriever

Among the smartest dog breeds is this particularly popular breed. Accompanying as a family dog are active people in all outdoor sports.

Originally bred for hunting waterfowl, they don’t stop at puddles and rain varnish, which is a particular delight for children.

Their excellent memory means that they are increasingly used as service dogs in therapy or guiding the blind.

Doberman Pinscher

These powerful four-legged friends show unconditional loyalty to their owners. No wonder they are so sought after as guard and protection dogs.

One of the smartest breeds of dog, they are wonderfully trainable for their police duties and attract attention with their muscular build to match.

Their stamina and their mental and physical agility must be challenged. Only bored or under-challenged dogs can be tempted to react unpleasantly.

Shetland Sheepdog

As self-employed workers, they are among the smartest dogs in the world. Their exuberant temperament in such families may hide this.

They approach their tasks with motivation and demonstrate steadfastness and tenacity until they are fulfilled. An important quality for herding dogs or as a guard.

They are easy to train and highly docile when learning is done playfully and according to their instincts. Their long fur gives them elegance and grace.

Labrador Retrievers

Today, these clever dogs, bred as hunting dogs for ducks and geese, can be found as an enrichment in sporting families.

Her love for children is just as legendary as her intelligence. Trained as rescue dogs, they are even able to put a smile on the victims’ lips.

If you can allow their urge to move around freely and encourage docility through agility and play, then this smart dog breed will loyally follow you.


Happy is this representative of the smartest dog breeds when he can study and show his talents at work.

In the meantime, there is a wide field of activity for this clever dog breed, which will also be happy to integrate into active families.

As police and rescue dogs, they are known for their high level of commitment. Rather new roles have emerged as therapy and companion dogs. They’re good watchdogs anyway.


Their tiny, agile nature likes to distract from the fact that they are among the smartest dogs in the world. They are too cute to look at with their sticking out ears and long fur.

Undaunted, they also make friends with the larger representatives of the dog breeds and like to put courage, empathy and intelligence in the foreground.

A little cheeky, yet friendly, they will study tricks and tricks with you to enchant those around them. Activity is the magic word as a Papillon keeper.

Australian Cattle Dog

When they are not proving their intelligence at work, they are loyal to their owner in all activities and work.

As the guardian of large herds of cattle, he is not only one of the smartest breeds of dog, but also one of those who can work independently and are undeterred.

As family dogs, they feel comfortable when their urge to move is taken into account and they can constantly train their brains with games and tricks.

German shorthaired pointer

With him you can not only swim to the bet. As a representative of the intelligent dog breeds, he will also challenge you to play and learn tricks.

He lives out his physical agility on parcours as well as in rough terrain on longer hikes. Strength and resilience characterize them as hunting dogs.

Her love of water is evident when you go for a jog in the park when it’s raining. Hardly a puddle is safe from him and he will obviously have fun.

English Springer Spaniel

These born hunting dogs are among the athletes among the smartest dog breeds. Compact body coupled with agility and intelligence make them gifted hunters.

They are amiable and friendly towards their environment if they can regularly reduce their energy and are also mentally challenged.

Important for future dog owners

With enough exercise and occupation, they can also find their way in city apartments.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With their proverbial easy-going demeanor and gentle nature, this intelligent dog breed belies their cleverness.

As herding and herding dogs, however, they are used to working alone, taking responsibility and loyally following their upbringing and tasks.

Important to know

They don’t like hustle and bustle and they keep their distance from loud noises and look for a quiet place. With them, older people also have a perfect companion.

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