These 8 Dog Breeds Bite The Most – According To Statistics

Dogs that bark don’t bite, right?

For dog lovers, it’s hard to believe that some people are afraid of the cute four-legged friends.

Ironically, dogs usually only bite when they feel threatened themselves. Find out here which dogs snap most often.

You never expected number 6 on this list!

The American Staffordshire Terrier

The Amstaff, as the American Staffordshire Terrier is often called, is on the Dangerous Dog Breed List.

Anyone who wants to keep it must therefore adhere to strict guidelines. This includes a fence around the property and a muzzle.

Unfortunately, the reason for the fortunately rare attacks is usually poor posture and training.

A lovingly treated Amstaff shows no more aggression than a Golden Retriever!

The American Pit Bull Terrier

The pit bull is also a listed dog, whose keeping in Germany is only permitted with strict rules.

Unfortunately, in the 19th century it was often used for illegal dog fights.

His breeding focused on making him aggressive and ready to fight. The result was a swashbuckling dog.

Gradually, the aggressiveness of the pit bull has receded. If he is raised consistently as a puppy and receives a lot of love, he is anything but ready to bite.

The Doberman

The reason Doberman bite attacks are so common is because there are so many of these dogs in Germany.

Although they can quickly appear a bit intimidating with their size and strong build, they are not aggressive.

Dobermans are gifted guard dogs because they are suspicious of strangers.

However, if they are treated well, they are more of a teddy bear than a criminal hunter.

The German Shepherd Dog

According to statistics, more than 40 dog bite incidents involving German shepherds were reported in Berlin alone in 2020.

Actually, the popular family dog is very people-related. He even gets along well with children.

However, if he is neglected, he tends to get nervous and sometimes shows aggressive behavior.

The shepherd dog incidents appear so common because they are so common in Germany.

Attention torment breeding:

To perfect the German Shepherd’s iconic stature, some breeders still torture breed the breed today. Due to the strongly sloping back, however, the dog often suffers excruciating hip problems. No wonder, then, that such animals in particular are often aggressive. Before you buy, always find out a lot about the dog and its breeder!

The Dachshund

As funny as the cute dachshund looks, sometimes he can really be a killer sausage.

With consistent training and a lot of warmth, however, they mainly show their cuddly and good-natured side.

Good to know:

Dachshunds were originally badger hunters. The combative hunting instinct is still evident today. They like to rush after small animals and are often provocative even towards large dogs.

The Labrador Retriever

Labradors treat both adults and children with a lot of respect and affection. How did he still make it onto this list?

According to Berlin’s dog bite statistics, a large part of the annual dog bites can be attributed to the gentle Labrador.

The watchdog wants to protect his family. Intruders, often the postman, often behave anxiously and appear suspicious to the four-legged friend.

The Jack Russell Terrier

Their energetic and active nature makes the Jack Russel Terrier a popular companion and family dog.

However, the former fox hunter still has a strong hunting instinct and is almost fearless.

However, if he is inadequately trained or treated inappropriately, the energy can turn into aggression.

The mongrel dogs

List dog or not, how ready a dog is to bite has little to do with its breed. As with people, it depends on their unique character, as well as their upbringing and living conditions.

Mixed breed dogs have been responsible for most dog bite incidents for years. The reason for this could be that the development of their personality is more difficult to predict.

If you are well informed before you buy and invest enough time and patience in training, you can find a peaceful companion in every dog.

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