The 16+ Cutest Pomeranians Currently Online

The Pomeranian is a very cute and charming dog, it is impossible to look at him indifferently because he is such a round and fluffy lump, very charming and funny. Looking at this touching creature, it would not even come to mind that the Pomeranian descended from a large hardy northern dog, and yet it is so.

By nature, this is a brave doggie, thirsty for adventure and ready for exploits. You can call him a soft fluffy lump only for his external qualities, in his soul, he is a researcher and conqueror of new territories. The Pomeranian cannot be called a couch resident, he needs walks and new experiences. At the same time, he is distrustful of strangers, behaves wary and vigilant, at any moment he is ready to protect his master. Sometimes it seems that the Pomeranian does not assess himself objectively at all, as if a big brave guard dog lives in the small body of the dog.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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