The 12+ Cutest Cani Corsi Currently Online

The character of the Cane Corso is exactly the same as it should be in a breed of guard dogs with a thousand-year history. This dog needs a master and a home to guard. Cane Corso puppies require compulsory training and socialization, often consultations with a professional dog handler are needed. A large number of negative reviews about the nature of Cane Corso are associated with inadequate conditions for raising and handling the dog. Therefore, remember: having a guard dog is a great responsibility, which you must be ready to cope with, but if you are a good owner of your Cane Corso, then the dog will become your loyal companion, protector, and friend.

#2 The territory that is engaged in housekeeping considers its space and protects it with special care.

#3 Cane Corso by its nature is not aggressive, but if uninvited guests show up, they temporarily feel the harsh disposition of the “Italian”.

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