The 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

A dog – no matter what breed – needs good training, only then can it grow into a loyal friend, helper, and protector. However, there are still breeds that can be dangerous to humans. Such dogs should only be kept by experienced dog owners, people with strong characters who have enough time to devote to their training. This article introduces the 10 breeds that can be dangerous to humans if they are not kept and raised appropriately.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed knows no fear. If they feel threatened, they attack immediately. There are many instances where a Pit Bull has attacked its own family.

This breed was bred for dog fighting and hunting bears and bulls. However, if the owner knows how to train such a dog properly, a pit bull can be a reliable watchdog, family protector, and friend.


The representatives of this breed are used as police and guard dogs. With proper training, these dogs are not dangerous. However, in the wrong hands, Rottweilers are aggressive and dangerous to both adults and children. When this dog attacks, it can be fatal.


You can call him a quiet giant, but he can also react aggressively and explosively. Bulldogs are guard dogs, protecting their territory at all costs, and will attack any intruder without fear or hesitation. These dogs are unaware of their strength and will sometimes inadvertently and playfully injure by simply running over a child or adult. The Bulldog has a strong dominating personality that only an experienced dog owner can handle.


These animals excel in elegance, reliability, and loyalty. The Doberman is a strong and hardy dog ​​with a stable psyche. He is often kept to protect the home and as a reliable friend. He is usually the family’s darling and will defend them to death. However, with the wrong training, the Doberman Pinscher can turn into an aggressive dog that is extremely dangerous.

The German Shepherd

This is a large and fearless dog that was once very popular in Russia. German Shepherds have exceptional Schutzhund qualities. He is wary of strangers and can be dangerous to humans and other animals due to his size and agility.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog

A strong and massive animal with well-developed muscles and protective qualities. This dog has a strong character and needs appropriate training. Unfortunately, it is often talked about how dangerous and aggressive, and uncontrollable this breed can be, but the reason for this is not the breed itself but the upbringing. This dog is an amazing guard dog that will always protect his family and home. However, when chained, this dog can turn into an aggressive monster.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed is often described by the media as bloodthirsty killers and super dangerous to humans. And every year the requests to eradicate this breed are piling up. In most cases, however, the problem is not the breed but the handling and training. This dog is very social and loyal to its owner and will do anything to protect him. In the wrong hands, however, this dog can become a killing machine.

The American Bulldog

Friendly and reliable but a stubborn dog of immense size. This breed was bred to guard land and livestock. This dog is great at protecting its territory and owner but is overconfident. This dog needs appropriate training.

Fila Brasileiro

This breed is bred in Brazil for canine fights. A reliable watchdog who distrusts strangers and shows his aggression openly. Do not go near this dog, it can seriously injure a human. Outside of its territory, this dog is calm and relaxed. Brave, strong, and a “hot” dog, he is tolerant of children and obedient.


This cute and cuddly dog ​​is one of the most dangerous breeds in the world. He is very devoted to his master and his family but does not like strangers. This dog will never let a stranger into its territory. Dealing with this dog isn’t easy, as his calm and lovable demeanor can quickly turn into anger and aggressiveness.

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