That’s Why Your Kitty’s Food Bowl Doesn’t Belong Next to the Litter Box

Just like humans, cats want a discreet place to do their business – without noise or the feeling of being watched. PetReader gives tips on everything to do with the litter box.

Cats don’t like it at all when their toilet is right next to the feeding place. That could lead to them refusing to use their loo. But what to do with the “quiet place”?

The living room is not a suitable location. Neither is the kitchen. It is best to keep the litter box in a room that is not busy, but that is still freely accessible – such as a storage room.

There is also a rule of thumb for multi-cat households: x cats = x + 1 litter box. Because not all cats like to share their toilet. Some cats do not even go to the toilets that have been used by other cats. Hence the tip: The different litter boxes belong in different rooms.

Litter Box Management: Pay Attention to the Litter Too

They also prove that house tigers are real creatures of habit with cat litter: As soon as they have got used to a certain litter, problems can arise when switching. If you still want to change the strain, you should proceed in small steps.

It is then best to gradually mix more and more new litter into the old one. This allows the cat to get used to the changed consistency.

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