That’s Why Cats Only Meow With Us Humans

Cats don’t use meowing to each other. So why are they “talking” to us? The reason is simple. We betray him.

If cats want to communicate with each other, they usually do so without saying a word. Although there may be hissing or screaming during more heated “discussions”, it is usually much calmer. Cats make themselves understood primarily through body language.

Cats usually get by without words

If two cats meet, this usually happens in silence. Because cats are able to represent their point of view without any vocalization. Everything that needs to be clarified between the animals is solved using body language and smells. This can be tail movements as well as minimal changes in facial expressions. Cats can easily read these signals.

Kittens use a ‘stopgap’

Young kittens are not yet capable of such sophisticated body language. At the very beginning, they can’t even see anything, let alone carry out fine body language signals.

In order to be noticed and understood by their mother, they meow. However, they only maintain this form of communication until they have mastered the silent signals.

When they are adults and can express what they mean with their bodies, cats no longer actually need their voices.

The cat is looking for a “conversation” with humans

However, if a cat lives with a human, the velvet paw sees him as a creature that relies heavily on verbal communication. In addition, the cat quickly realizes that humans can do little or nothing with their body language signals.

In order to still get attention from humans or to get the current wish fulfilled, these cats do something simply ingenious: They reactivate their “language”!

This may not come as a surprise at first. However, if you think about it for a while, it is an extremely intelligent move from our fluffy roommates. Because no matter how smart people feel, the cat clearly comes to meet us and compensates for our communicative deficits.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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