Temperament and Nature of the Borzoi

The temperament of a borzoi is characterized by elegant composure and cautious restraint. In its family, the greyhound seeks contact with its people and builds up a close bond. Kennel keeping is therefore not suitable for this breed.

In the house, he behaves very pleasantly and quietly with a reasonable load. A borzoi rarely barks. Despite the close bond it can form with its family, the borzoi is generally a fairly independent companion. This trait can present a certain challenge in training.

The intelligent dog has a mind of its own and as a dog owner, a lot of patience and loving consistency are required of you. A good recall is particularly important, as the borzoi is a true hunting dog. In addition to his lovable, calm side, which he likes to show around the house, the sight of a rabbit hopping away often awakens the hunter in him.

Borzoi is generally shy and reserved towards strangers. They have a well-developed protective instinct toward their family. When dealing with children, the borzoi is well tolerated after appropriate acclimatization. You should be careful with other pets because of their strong hunting instinct.

Note: Of course, every dog ​​has its own character, which can also differ from the characteristics described here. It is therefore always advisable to contact Borzoi owners or breeders to inquire about their experiences with this breed.

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