Teaching Male Dogs – Explained Step By Step

Want to teach your dog males but have no idea how to start?

Never mind

Manikin is actually more of a cool trick than a useful command. Almost everyone gets excited when a dog can go “male.”

Of course, this pleases both the owner and the dog – both are praised.

We have created a step-by-step guide that will take you and your dog by the hand and paw.

In a nutshell: teach men to do

You want to teach your dog males? Here is the short version:

  1. Have your dog perform a “sit.”
  2. Hold a treat over your dog’s nose.
  3. Slowly guide the treat up-back, behind the dog’s nose. (Not too far!)
  4. Reward your dog as soon as he lifts his front paws.
  5. Say the command as soon as you give the treat.

Teach your dog males – you still have to consider that

While the trick is pretty cool, there are still a few important points to keep in mind. Most of these relate to your dog’s age and health.

Age and joints

Males should only walk dogs whose age and joint condition allows this without damage. Young and old dogs in particular should avoid this trick as the load is fully transferred to the hind legs and hips.

This puts an enormous strain on already damaged joints and can lead to the hind legs developing differently in young dogs than the front legs.

If your dog has previous damage to the hind legs or spine, you should not teach him to manoeuvre.

How long will it take…

… until your dog can make males.

Since every dog ​​learns at a different rate, the question of how long it takes can only be answered vaguely.

Three to four training sessions (10-15 minutes each) are enough for most dogs to internalize the trick.

Of course, these training sessions do not take place one after the other, but on different days.

Calm environment

Work on this trick first in a quiet environment that your dog is familiar with. This will make it easier for you to draw your dog’s attention to the treat.

Once you’re a little more advanced, you can go practice outside.

Don’t stress your dog too much. If you find that your dog is tired or unable to concentrate, end the training session with a very simple, well-known trick like “sit”.

Utensils needed

Treats! Food helps enormously with training.

Still, try not to stuff your dog full. A small treat after a good try is all you need to keep your dog engaged.

Step-by-step instructions: make men

  1. You start with your dog in the sitting position.
  2. Then grab a treat and pass it up and back over the dog’s nose.
  3. If you put the treat too far back, your dog will literally fall over. On the other hand, if you hold it too high, it will start to jump.
  4. As soon as your dog makes the first signs of “male”, you reward him. When the no-command trick works well, introduce the command.
  5. Choose a word for this. Most of us use “males”.
  6. Have your dog do the trick again and say the command out loud once your dog reaches the manikin position. At the same time you reward him with the treat. This is how your dog will associate the command with the pose.


Manikining is a trick suitable for healthy and agile dogs. Seniors and puppies, on the other hand, should not do this.

With a little time, patience, and practice (and treats!), you can teach your dog to pose fairly easily. Be careful not to overwhelm your dog or accidentally tip him over.

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