Sure, Old Dogs Can Learn to Sit!

Forget the derogatory saying, new research shows that old dogs, just like old people, have good cognitive ability well into old age. But sometimes the body is not so alert. Here you get tips on gentle activation for the gray nose.

Too many older dogs are at home and bored when the body can no longer cope with those wonderful long walks or training in the same way as before. But keeping fit gives the quality of life and delays the aging of your old friend. As long as the dog is not demented, it can learn new things! But be patient, it may not be as fast as when it was young. Maybe the dog can not work as long as before. Be sensitive, the key here is that the dog should have fun and be stimulated.

Nose Activation

All types of nose work, such as nose work (where the dog is trained to find a special scent, such as diluted eucalyptus), tracks (game tracks with blood or personal tracks). Home activation such as looking for sweets or food scattered on the ground, or where you have drawn, for example, a piece of sausage along the floor/ground that a scent trail the dog can follow, is quiet but very mentally stimulating. Do not hesitate to register the old dog for a course in nosework or chanterelle search! Good activation also for the dog who has had impaired vision.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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