Summer Vacation With A Dog And A Cat: How To Prepare Well For The Trip

Bowl for water and treats with you? But this alone is not enough: if you want to travel with your pet, you must prepare well. Tips for a relaxing holiday with your dog and cat.

When it comes to the sea or mountains for summer vacations, many also want their dog or cat with them. Whether in a car or an airplane: according to experts from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, good preparation is essential to ensure a smooth operation on a trip.

When you travel by car or mobile home, you can always keep an eye on your darling. If this is your first time going on summer vacation with a dog or cat, it is best to gradually accustom the animal to travel in advance.

If you are using a transport box, you must secure it well. With the help of a special harness, dogs can be attached to the back seat – a regular collar is not enough.

Choosing a Favorable Location

Proper preparation begins with choosing a destination – and asking if the animals should go with you or should they stay at home.

“You don’t have to take your four-legged friend with you on long flights, city trips, or trips to very hot countries,” says animal welfare organization

Instead, you should leave your pet with friends, family, or professional supervision. If your dog or cat is accompanying you during the summer holidays, you should of course look for pet-friendly accommodation. Fortunately, many hotels, resorts, homes, apartments, and campgrounds are now geared towards four-legged friends.

Breaks and Small Rewards

On long journeys, you should take regular breaks. This is important not only for you but also for your pet. At best, do not stop in motorway service areas, as they are often noisy and dangerous to animals.

It might be worth making a detour here and looking for a dirt road to take a walk. In addition to fresh water, there are also small treats on board that can be helpful and soothing on the trip. A favorite blanket or toy will also provide you with some ease in unfamiliar surroundings.

To supposedly relieve the animal of stress, owners often rely on tranquilizers, especially when traveling by air. The experts advise against this. Because such agents can cause nausea and life-threatening circulatory problems – especially in the hold of an aircraft, no one can take care of the animal in an emergency.

In addition, animals perceive unfamiliar environments and noise in spite of the acting agent, but cannot react to it normally, which creates additional stress.

Summer Break Emergency with Dog and Cat

In general, you should write down the veterinarian’s contact details at the destination in case of an emergency, as well as on the planned travel itinerary for longer journeys. A first aid kit for animals is also recommended.

An EU pet passport issued by a veterinarian is required for travel within the EU. It should contain information about the animal, its owner, and proof of rabies vaccination. Dog owners are also advised to take out dog owner liability insurance, which is valid abroad as well.

Report the Characteristics of the Animal at the Destination

If you are traveling outside the EU, you should inquire in advance about the specifics of the country. This applies to both entries into the country of destination and subsequent return.

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