Summer Heat: Can Cats Sweat?

The temperature over 30 degrees and a lot of overdue sunshine are currently making us two-legged friends sweat – but how do cats keep cool at high temperatures? Can they sweat like us humans? Your animal world knows the answer.

First of all: cats actually have sweat glands. While sweat glands are found all over the body of humans, cats only have these on a few, hairless parts of the body – similar to dogs. Cats can sweat on their paws, chin, lips, and anus, among other things. This allows them to cool down on warm days or in stressful situations.

However, in cats, sweating is not enough to prevent them from overheating. That’s why the kitties also use other tricks to stay cool in summer.

Instead of Sweating: This Is How Cats Keep Themselves Cool

You probably know that cats use their tongues to groom their fur. In fact, cats lick their fur more often in summer. Because the saliva that they distribute on your body cools you down when it evaporates. This will make them clean and refreshed.

You may know the second trick from vacationing in warmer countries: cats take a siesta. When the heat peaks in the midday and afternoon, they retreat to a shady spot and doze off. In return, some of them become more active at night.

Panting in Cats Suggests Heatstroke

And what about panting? While this is normal for dogs, cats are less likely to pant to cool off. If you watch your cat anyway, you should see it as a warning signal.

When a cat is panting, it is already too heated or too stressed. So immediately move them to a cool place and provide them with fresh water. If she’s still panting, you should take her straight to the vet – this can be a sign of heatstroke.

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