Standard Schnauzer: Temperament, Size, and Traits

Country of origin: Germany
Shoulder height: 45 – 50 cm
Weight: 14 – 20 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Color: black, pepper salt
Use: Companion dog, the family dog, guard dog

The Schnauzer comes from Germany and was originally used as a guard and pied piper. Today, the robust, playful, intelligent, and child-loving Schnauzer is a widespread family companion dog. 

Origin and history

The Schnauzer is native to southern Germany, where it was once used as a farm and stable dog. His job was to keep the stable and yard free of rats, mice, and other small rodents, earning him the nickname “Rattler”. In addition, he was also an excellent guardian of the court. When the Pinscher Schnauzer Club was founded in 1895, the Schnauzer was still classified as a wire-haired Pinscher.

There are three different breeds of Schnauzer: the Standard Schnauzer, the Giant Schnauzer, and the Miniature Schnauzer.


The Schnauzer is medium-sized and has a strong, square build. The skull is strong and elongated, the eyes are medium-sized and oval, and the ears are V-shaped, set high, and folded back.

The Schnauzer’s coat is rough, wiry, hard, and dense. It consists of a lot of undercoats and a hard, close-fitting top coat. The hair is slightly shorter on the forehead and ears. Typical of the Schnauzer is the not-too-soft beard and the bushy eyebrows that slightly overshadow the eyes. The rough coat is trimmed, is then easy to care for, and does not shed.

The Schnauzer is bred in the colors black and pepper salt – shades of gray with pepper.


The Schnauzer has a lively, fearless temperament – paired with a good-natured temperament and a measured calm. It is very self-confident and not overly submissive, but still teachable and clever. It is not aggressive on its own, but it does not avoid arguments and is a defensive guard.

The Schnauzer is very fixated on his people and rather indifferent to strangers. With consistent and loving training, he is an obedient, pleasant, and robust companion. It loves long walks, and lots of activity and remains very playful into old age. It can also be enthusiastic about dog sports activities.

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