Spelt: What You Should Know

Spelled is a grain and therefore belongs to the sweet grasses. It is a subspecies of wheat and is often crossed with it. That’s what it’s called when the pollen of one plant is brought into the flower of another plant. Then a hybrid plant arises, similar to a child with a white and a black parent.

The oldest finds of spelled come from Asia, around 5,000 BC. He reached Switzerland around 1,700 BC. Spelled was mainly grown in the area around the Alps. But you can also see how important spelled is in the names of German cities such as Dinkelsbühl or Dinkelscherben.

It is very difficult to bake spelled bread in the oven. Spelled is therefore often harvested before it is ripe when it is still green. As unripe spelled, you can use it to cook soups, unripe spelled cakes, and the like, or bake it in a frying pan. It can also be processed into a type of rice or used to make noodles. Today, spelled is also used more and more frequently in food for babies and children.

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Written by Mary Allen

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