Socializing of the Groenendael

The Groenendael is an extremely sensitive and soulful dog breed. Therefore, he usually gets along very well with children. When dealing with them, he is very careful and shows his patient side. However, the character of the Groenendael is very malleable, so proper training is also important here.

Exercising dominance is not in the nature of Belgian dog breeds. Rather, he subordinates himself. Therefore other pets in the household together with a Groenendael are not a problem. With cats, it is better if the animals are used to each other from the beginning. Small animals are uninteresting for Groenendael and are mostly ignored by him. He gets along very well with horses, which is why he is very suitable as a companion when riding.

As already mentioned, this breed of dog needs a lot of exercises and mental stimulation. He expects a lot from his owner and is very attached to him. In order to have a happy and calm sidekick you should meet the requirements of your Groenendael. In order to meet the high energy level, you too should ideally be as active as your dog. Therefore, the Groenendael is more suitable for sporty people who spend a lot of time outdoors and exercising. Not really suitable for seniors.

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