Socializing of Borzoi

A borzoi should learn how to socialize with other dogs and people from an early age, for example by attending a puppy school. If this is neglected, the borzoi tends to become shy and fearful. However, if he can gain many positive experiences as a puppy, he will develop into a friendly, reliable companion.

The sight of a cat or the like can quickly awaken a hunting instinct in a borzoi. A fenced garden is definitely recommended here. After good socialization, the borzoi behaves in a friendly and open-minded manner towards children and other dogs.

The gentle giant would like to be seen as a member of the family and is loyal and affectionate once he has grown fond of you. However, due to its great urge to move and high energy level, the borzoi is not a dog for seniors. He needs a home with active people who can keep him busy according to his breed.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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