Sociability of Lakeland Terriers

The Lakeland Terrier is very friendly by nature and always wants to please everyone. Nevertheless, you should pay special attention to certain situations.


Because of their hunting instincts, the Lakeland Terrier is not usually compatible with other pets (other than dogs) such as cats. If you already have a cat before you get the dog, the new dog can get used to it. Of course, the age of the Lakeland Terrier plays a role here. If he has had bad experiences in the past, it will be very difficult for him to get used to a cat.

Dogs and cats usually don’t get along because of their body language. Nevertheless, it is possible to let them live side by side in a relaxed manner.

Other dogs

The Lakeland Terrier has no problems with other dogs and he likes to greet his fellow dogs in a friendly manner. Being together with other dogs promotes his social behavior and makes him mild in everyday situations.

Suitability with children and for the elderly

For children, this dog is a real asset and is generally compatible with all ages. The natural play instincts of children and Lakeland Terriers complement each other perfectly. Since the Lakeland Terrier has a high need for exercise and also tries to enforce this claim, this can lead to a stress test for older people.

As a puppy, however, dog owners should be particularly careful if they let their children play with the dog. The terrier tends to nibble on something, especially in the first months of life. The small, sharp teeth can lead to injuries. With older Lakeland Terriers there is hardly any danger here. You should generally watch children play with the dog. At some point, it will be too much for even the most active dog.

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