So Your Dog Travels Safely in the Car

Every year, dogs are reported left alone in closed cars. The temperature in a parked car quickly rises up to 50 degrees on a normal summer day. Here you get tips to avoid the car becoming a death trap for your dog.

A six-kilo dog gets a crash weight of 240 kilos in a crash at 50 km / h. Of course, you get worried about your dog when you read these numbers, but you quickly realize what risk it entails for other passengers. Even in milder accidents, the dog is shocked and stressed. It risks running out on the road and exposing itself and others to danger. Therefore, animals must sit in a cage or be connected with a seatbelt. The dog must not obscure the driver’s view or impede maneuvering of the car. Having an animal in your lap in the passenger seat with an airbag in front is life-threatening.

Transport in Combi Cars

Crash tested cage is best. In the event of a rear-end collision, an excessively rigid cage risks tearing the rear seat locking mechanism and damaging the rear seat passengers. The cage must be fixed in the car either with the help of the car’s load lashing loops or other clamping devices.

Cargo compartment separators (nets or grilles between the luggage compartment and the passenger compartment) are a working solution and in practice, this means a simpler form of a cage.

Transport in Other Cars

Cage in the back seat can also work. However, securing it securely is a challenge. Use the car’s Isofix loops and straps that cover the entire width of the loop. Fix firmly so that the cage does not fall sideways. Isofix can withstand a maximum of 18 kilos. The seat belt can also be used but must then be fixed to the cage in some way for it to withstand a collision. The harness is an alternative to the cage. Attach it to the seat belt. Harnesses are available in different sizes to suit different breeds.

Cage Design

A dog must have at least the following space:
Length: The dog’s length from the tip of the nose to the buttocks when the dog is in the normal position times 1.10.
Width: The dog’s chest width times 2.5. The dog should be able to lie down and turn unhindered.
Height: The dog’s height above the top of the head when the dog is in a normal position.

Never Leave an Animal in a Hot Car

Every year, dogs left in closed cars are reported. The temperature in a parked car quickly rises up to 50 degrees on a normal summer day. The car becomes a death trap for your pet.

Time        Temp outside         Weather Temp in car

08.30          +22 ° C                              +23 ° C
09.30          +22 ° C                              +38 ° C
10.30          +25 ° C                              +47 ° C
11.30           +26 ° C                              +50 ° C
12.30          +27 ° C                               +52 ° C

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