Small Cats: The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

There are many small cats out there, but which of these mini cats are actually the smallest cat breeds in the world? We have the answer!

Little Cats: Kittens Forever?

Cats are wonderful animals. Especially small cats, i.e. young animals, kittens, or kittens, ensure plenty of life in the home. But even adult animals always provide the best entertainment.

Nevertheless, many cat owners would prefer the cat or tomcat to stay small forever. Well, the four-legged friend may not remain a kitten, but if you choose the right breed, you will have a real mini tiger in your house for the rest of your cat’s life. Because certain breeds of cats stay very small forever. We introduce you to the mini cats.

The Devon Rex

A fairly small breed of cat is the unusual curly-haired Devon Rex. This cat breed is originally from Great Britain. A curly tomcat, the male ancestor of this cat breed, was first sighted there in 1960 in the county of Devonshire. This breed is now enjoying increasing popularity outside of the UK.

The Devon Rex is small to a medium-sized cat that reaches a maximum weight of 4.5 kilograms. Their bat-like ears paired with their distinctive face are particularly striking. This cat’s soft and wavy coat comes in all colors. And even the mustache hair and eyebrows are curled on this pedigree cat.

What looks like a little goblin is a cat that has a strong need for closeness and likes to get a lot of attention in its own home. The Devon Rex is an inquisitive cat and friendly, easygoing playmate who loves to fetch and is always ready to frolic. This breed is an asset to any household and, like its relative, the Cornish Rex is considered an allergy-friendly cat breed.

The Ceylon cat

The Ceylon cat, whose markings on the forehead are considered sacred, got its name from the island of Sri Lanka, which used to be called Ceylon. This cat is a fairly unknown species among small cats. Its exact origins remain unclear, but this rare shorthaired breed was able to evolve naturally. In 1964 she was introduced to Europe.

This velvet paw is small and dainty with a delicate but muscular build and a golden or sandy-colored, silky coat. An adult Ceylon does not grow particularly large, but it can weigh between five and ten kilograms. In contrast to the cats, the tomcats in particular become real “bummers”.

The sociable cat is very lively and has a lively and active character. With her curious and courageous nature, this mini cat explores her surroundings and her home with interest and is also open and friendly to strangers. Ceylon cats are considered particularly loyal companions, are sociable, and usually get along well with other pets or conspecifics.

The Bombay Cat

When talking about small cat breeds, one cannot be missing: the Bombay cat. Its appearance is reminiscent of a miniature version of a panther and has so far only been found sporadically in Europe.

The story of how it came about began in the 1950s in the American state of Kentucky with the breeder Nikki Horner. She wanted to create a breed of cat that would have the looks of a fierce panther and the charm and personality of a domestic cat. She succeeded in crossing the black, robust American Shorthair and the sable-brown, cuddly Burmese cat in 1958.

The Bombay cat’s black, glossy coat lies close to the body and its expressive eyes can be golden dark orange or green. This cat is rightly one of the cats with the most beautiful eyes. Although this athletic velvet paw is quite small and only weighs a manageable four to five kilograms, it likes to impress with its graceful, predator-like gait.

The rare breed of cat only resembles the black panther on the outside, because in character it is the complete opposite and delights its owner with a very peaceful, affectionate, and pleasant nature. She likes to cuddle and cuddle with her human because she is a very affectionate roommate and needs a lot of attention. A special feature of this four-legged friend is its sometimes atypical behavior, which is why it is often referred to as a “dog cat” since it is even possible to walk it on a leash.

The Munchkin Shorthair

The cat, named Munchkin Shorthair, hails from Louisiana, where it was discovered in 1983 and subsequently mated with domestic cats. This particularly small cat is notable for its very short, dachshund-like legs, which are the result of a gene mutation. Since this trait was continued through breeding, the Munchkin Shorthair is considered torture breeding.

This pedigree cat is a strong, small cat with large walnut-shaped eyes. With a shoulder height of no more than 33 cm, it weighs between two and four kilos. Their fur is short and soft and comes in all imaginable color variations.

With its short legs, the Munchkin Shorthair looks less elegant and graceful than other cats, but has a very agile and lively nature and loves to run and play. Especially kittens that are only a few weeks old look particularly cute due to their short legs. However, it should always be kept in mind that the cat or tomcat probably likes this cuteness much less than us humans!

A munchkin may not have the jumping power of long-legged breeds, but they still come into the closet when they want to because there is more to them than meets the eye. It is even said that this pet is able to reverse gear.

The little cat is a very curious, affectionate, and sociable velvet paw who is open to people and usually gets along well with other pets in the home.

Small Cats: The Singapura is the smallest cat in the world

Singapura’s national cat, the Singapura, is an exotic rarity among cat breeds. The origin of the breed, known as the smallest cat in the world, is still disputed to this day. She was said to have been imported to the US from her native Singapore in 1974, where she made her home in drainpipes (hence the nickname “Drain Cat”). But whether Singapura actually evolved from street cats or from crossbreeds between Burmese and Abyssinians remains uncertain.

Despite its small size with a maximum shoulder height of 20 cm, this cat has a strong and compact body that weighs an average of only 2.5 kilos. Singapura’s fur is fine and close-fitting and has an unusual, light-brown color pattern. It is called Sepia Agouti and only occurs in this pedigree cat.

This cat is a real asset for every household because Singapura is cuddly, sweet, and enjoys every stroke. The Singapura is a loyal and gentle soul that prefers to slink along its owner’s legs all day or appreciate a conspecific with whom it can play and entertain. However, a place in the heart of this cat has to be earned first, as Singapura takes time to gain trust. However, once this wonderful pet has grown fond of its owner, it will stay there for the rest of its life.

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