Should I Be Worried Because My Dog Only Eats Next To Me?

Some dogs only eat when they are near their owners. Does your dog also not eat when he is alone? And do you need to worry?

In the morning, you put food in your dog’s bowl, but when you come home later, it will still be full. Only when you are close again does the four-legged friend attack his food. Why?

The good news is, there is nothing unusual about your dog’s behavior. And there is no reason to be concerned about that. Your dog is not sick in any way.

Your Dog Prefers to Eat with Company

The explanation for your dog’s eating behavior is relatively simple: “Dogs are social creatures,” explains trainer Shelby Semele “Dodo”. “Sometimes they don’t eat because they’re stressed by your absence or they feel lonely. But mostly they are just waiting for the company. ”

Maybe you know this by yourself and do not like to eat alone at home or in a restaurant. Food has always been an excuse for meeting people – both friends and families. And since dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years, they too are accustomed to eating food in the company.

If you still want your dog to eat in your absence, the trainer has a hint: “It doesn’t matter to my Spitz whether I’m at home or not – she doesn’t miss me at all. However, when she is alone, she hardly eats from the bowl. But if I put food in an interactive toy, it will still eat. ”
These food toys are often inexpensive, and they not only ensure that your dog eats when no one else is eating at home. They also keep him occupied – a win-win situation.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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