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Should Dogs and Cats Go to Bed with You?

Many people find it relaxing, others find it annoying: cuddling with a dog or cat on the sofa or even sharing the bed with them. But what does science say on the subject – do we sleep better next to our pets?

Opinions differ among pet owners when it comes to this question: Are four-legged friends allowed on the sofa – let alone in bed? Around three-quarters of Germans allow their cat or dog to come on the couch. And more than 40 percent also take their animal to bed with them. That was the result of a 2013 survey.

By the way, cats have a particularly good chance of making themselves comfortable on the sofa or bed. According to the study, more cat owners allowed their pets to visit than dog owners. And singles living alone especially liked to cuddle up with their dog or cat on the sofa and bed.

By the way: How or not your pet cuddles up to you when you sleep reveals a lot about your relationship. But does it sleep better next to a dog or cat? US researchers asked sleep patients about this. Around half of the pet owners among them said that their pets slept in bed with them. A fifth of them said they disturbed their pet in their sleep. But more than twice as many did not find the nocturnal company disturbing or even positive.

“The test subjects told us that their pet would help them to relax,” says Lois Krahn, author of the study for the magazine “Geo”. “People who sleep alone and without a partner stated that they can sleep much better and deeper with an animal by their side.” Of course, you ultimately have to decide for yourself whether you can sleep well next to your four-legged friend.

Exceptions: Then Dogs and Cats Should Not Go to Bed with You

Dogs and cats are taboo in the cot. Because they pose too great a risk of injury for children. In addition, your child could be allergic, for example, without you knowing about it. Even those who are sensitive to being too close to cats or dogs should not bring their pet to bed.

Important: Before you let your pet sleep next to you, you should make sure that your dog or cat is dewormed and that there are no ticks or fleas. The bed linen should also be changed more regularly than without an animal companion.

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