Scratching Post For Cats: 8 Tips For Buying

The right scratching post is an enormous asset in your cat’s life. These things are particularly important when choosing.

Every cat is an individual personality, but all cats have one thing in common: They like to scratch and that’s a good thing!

Cats who are outside regularly will always find a way to sharpen their claws. In the living room, cats like to live out their innate need to scratch on the carpet or designer sofa for lack of alternatives.

To ensure that this does not happen and that your cat can behave in a species-appropriate manner, you must provide a scratching opportunity. This is usually very well received.

With a scratching post, you not only make your beloved cuddly cat happy but also yourself.

We have put together a few tips for you so that the new scratching post really does become the perfect favorite place for your house cat.

Why does my cat need a scratching post?

Are you a happy cat owner? Then you know for yourself that your velvet-pawed companion likes to stretch out her claws and lovingly work on your favorite jumper, cupboard, or leather sofa. This is not a bad habit, but important claw care. Because claws that are too long can become inflamed and lead to injuries. A scratching post is an effective remedy.

When should I buy the scratching post?

Ideally, you should buy the scratching post before your new kitty moves in with you. Cats develop routines quickly and once the Persian rug has been used as a scratching aid, it becomes all the more difficult to get your cat used to it again.

Is a scratching post just for scratching?

Ideally, the scratching post will turn into your cat’s favorite spot. Well-thought-out cat trees are:

  • scratch aid
  • climbing frame
  • observation tower
  • retreat

The more interesting the new cat furniture is, the more your cat will want to play with it and will immediately ignore the sofa and other furnishings when scratching.

How big is the ideal scratching post?

“Big cat, big scratching post” is a sensible rule of thumb. The livelier and heavier your cat is, the more stable the scratching post should be. So that the new place to play, scratch, and retreat does not sway or tip over when you try to jump, we recommend a ceiling clamp for large cats such as the Maine Coon, which you can mount between the floor and the ceiling so that it does not tip over.

If the scratching post wobbles or even fall over, it is quite certain that the cat will not use it or will no longer use it. You should therefore avoid this error at all costs. We have collected other typical mistakes in scratching posts for you here.

Where should the scratching post be?

The scratching post should be in a busy room like the living room. And exactly where life happens. Position the scratching post in a cozy corner of the room. If things get too turbulent for your house tiger, he can relax and still keep a perfect overview.

Ideally, the litter box should not be in the immediate vicinity of the scratching post, so that your cat is not disturbed by the view of its own toilet from its vantage point.

Which design is the right one?

Scratching posts are available in many design variants. Because your cat will only accept the scratching post if it doesn’t lead to a shadowy existence in the storage room but is in a much-used room, the new cat furniture should also look good in the living room.

When choosing a scratching post, always keep your cat’s comfort factor in mind. Like a sofa, it should not only be stylish, but also functional and comfortable.

Which material is the right one?

Whether you prefer sisal, water hyacinth, or banana leaf for covering the log is primarily a question of price and design. Inexpensive and robust sisal coverings serve their purpose perfectly for many cats.

The alternatives are a little gentler on your beloved cat’s paws. You can also choose between fur and removable plush covers for the lying areas and sleeping caves. Most cats instinctively prefer real fur.

Extra tip: If the covers of the scratching post can be removed for washing, this makes caring for the cat furniture much easier.

Is one scratching post enough for several cats?

Cats defend their territory. In order to prevent territorial fights, each cat should have its own scratching facility. In most cases, multi-stem scratching posts and ceiling stretchers also offer enough space for several cats.

If you are going to buy your cat a new scratching post, be sure to keep our tips in mind and also take your visual wishes with you to the pet shop. Nevertheless, of course, the following applies: The best scratching post is the one with which your cat feels completely comfortable and happy – just like we do on the sofa!

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