Samoyed: Dog Breed Information

Country of origin: Russia
Shoulder height: 51 – 59 cm
Weight: 17 – 30 kg
Age: 13 – 14 years
Color: white, cream
Use: companion dog, working dog, sled dog

The Samoyed originally comes from Siberia and is one of the Nordic dog breeds. It is extremely lovable, sociable, and outgoing, but needs a good education and a lot of activity. It is not suitable for an apartment or city dog.

Origin and history

The name “Samoyed” goes back to the Samoyed tribes that lived in northern Russia and Siberia. They used these dogs to herd their reindeer herds and as hunting and sledding dogs. The dogs of the Samoyed lived in close relationships with their families. The British zoologist Scott brought the first specimens to England. These dogs formed the origin of the Samoyed of the western world. The first standard for the breed was established in England in 1909.


The Samoyed is a medium-sized, white Arctic Spitz that gives an impression of strength, endurance, and confidence. Its characteristic friendly expression, the so-called “smile of the Samoyed”, comes about through the shape of the eyes and the slightly upward-pointing corners of the lips.

The Samoyed’s coat is very lush and dense with ample undercoat, which serves as protection from the polar cold climate. It is bred in white or cream colors. The tail is set high and carried over the back or curled to one side.

The Samoyed is often confused with the Großspitz or the Wolfsspitz, which also have a pointed muzzle and prick ears. The Samoyed is related to the Spitz but does not share their characteristics as a watchdog and guard dog.

The Samoyed is also occasionally confused with the Siberian Husky; however, this one usually has a gray coat and blue eyes, while Samoyeds are always white and also have a much longer coat than huskies.


The Samoyed is friendly, outgoing, and sociable and, unlike the German Spitz, is not a watchdog or protection dog. It is very independent and docile, but only reluctantly subordinates itself. Therefore, it also needs consistent training and clear leadership.

The Samoyed is not for lazy people or those who have little time to spend with their dogs. Nor will it be particularly happy in a small city apartment. The Samoyed is very spirited, enterprising, and never boring. However, it has to be busy, otherwise, it can also become exhausting and also do nonsense. For example, it is suitable for sled dog races, even if it is not as fast as a Husky.

Grooming is time-consuming, especially for puppies. Samoyeds also have a lot of hair.

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