Root: What You Should Know

The root is the part of plants that is in the ground. The other two most important parts of a plant are the stem and the leaves. Roots are there to allow the plant to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. This happens via fine root hairs.

Certain substances are also produced in the roots so that the plant can grow well. Roots also provide a foothold in the ground: well-rooted plants cannot be easily blown away, washed away, or pulled out.

Roots can be very different. Some plants have taproots that go vertically into the ground. Beets are also roots, they store nutrients. Other plants have shallow roots that lie at the surface of the earth and don’t hold up as well. An example of this is the spruces, which are often knocked over by a storm along with their roots. There are also plants where some roots grow above the ground. Such aerial roots are known, for example, from mistletoe: the roots penetrate into the tree on which the mistletoe grows.

Does a plant grow on each root?

It doesn’t have to be like this. The root is the lowest part of a plant. What you see grows on her. That’s why the word “root” is also used for other things.

The best known is probably the hair root. It’s in the skin. She keeps growing one layer at a time, pushing up hair that gets longer and longer. So hair grows from the root, not the tip.

Teeth also have roots. Milk teeth are tiny, which is why milk teeth fall out so easily. The permanent teeth, on the other hand, have very long roots, often longer than the teeth themselves. That’s why they hold better in the jaw. However, they are also much more difficult to take off if they are very painful.

There are many other types of roots. Even in mathematics, there is a calculation called “taking the root”. But there is also a saying or phrase “the root of all evil”. For example, when you say, “Covet is the root of all evil,” you mean that everything bad comes from people wanting everything.

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