Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breed Info

This imposing hunting dog hails from South Africa and is named for the distinctive crest of hair on its back.

He is a good family dog ​​and an excellent guardian but can be reserved around strangers. This breed needs a patient and disciplined hand, as well as careful training.

Rhodesian Ridgeback – an imposing hunting dog

The breed is used to hunt game in many parts of the world but is also kept as a guard dog and family pet. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is the only recognized breed of dog that originated in southern Africa.


Grooming the Rhodesian Ridgeback takes little time. The dog needs to be brushed regularly. During the coat change, a rubber brush is recommended to remove the loose hair.


Intelligent, smart, reserved with strangers, honest, loyal to its owner, somewhat stubborn, courageous, watchful, and great endurance.


This dog responds best to a balanced and very consistent upbringing. Ridgebacks are intelligent and learn very quickly, but can be a bit stubborn at times. The future owner should therefore understand how to lead the dog.


Introducing these dogs to cats and other pets when they are young will help prevent problems later. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are nice to children as long as they are not teased or otherwise made life difficult for them. Dealing with conspecifics usually runs smoothly. Most Ridgebacks are reserved with strangers.


This dog is originally a hunter with enormous stamina. It is therefore not difficult to understand that he needs a lot of exercises. You should at least let him run next to the bike or go on long hikes with him.

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