Research Proves: Kids Sleep Better In Bed With Pets

Can pets sleep in bed with children? Parents often give different answers to this question for themselves. However, there is one thing they shouldn’t worry about: babies get enough sleep even with a pet in bed.

In fact, pets are said to be more likely to bother us when we sleep. They snore, take up space, scratch – at least that’s the theory. However, this has not yet been properly studied.

A study in Canada shows that children who sleep with their pets sleep the same way as other children and even sleep more peacefully!

Every Third Child Sleeps in Bed With a Pet

To do this, the researchers analyzed data from a long-term study of childhood stress, sleep, and circadian rhythms. A survey of the participating children and their parents showed that a third of children sleep next to a pet.

Surprised by such a high number, the researchers wanted to find out how the society of four-legged friends affects the sleep of children. They divided the children into three groups: those who never, sometimes, or often sleep in bed with pets. They then compared the time they fell asleep and how long they slept, how quickly the children fell asleep, how often they woke up at night and the quality of sleep.

In all areas, it didn’t matter much whether children sleep with pets or not. And the quality of sleep even improved the presence of the animal, according to Science Daily.

The thesis of the researchers: children can see more friends in their pets – their presence is reassuring. It has also been shown that adults with chronic pain can relieve their discomfort by sleeping in bed with pets. In addition, pets give a greater sense of security in bed.

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