Reason For Separation: When The Dog Doesn’t Like The New Partner

When it comes to choosing a mate, dog owners have good cards: at least in dating profiles, four-legged friends are well received. But dogs can not only help in finding a new partner but also bring the relationship to the end.

Anyone who dates someone with a dog is automatically involved in a three-way relationship: because it never happens to only two people if the needs of a four-legged friend are always to be considered.

When they get to know each other, fur noses turn out to be a real cupid: In a survey conducted by the online magazine, I Heart Dogs, 88 percent of those surveyed said they had already found someone on a dating platform because that person owns a dog. Reason: Dog owners are considered to be especially sociable. Not bad quality when looking for a soul mate.

Dog As a Reason for Separation

As quickly as a dog can help its owner find a new relationship, it can also be a bargain breaker. The survey also shows that about 95 percent of dog owners would cancel a date if the dog doesn’t like the person. What if a person doesn’t like dogs? This is absolutely unacceptable for 99.4% of dog owners. About half of those surveyed also used their dogs as an excuse to cancel a date.

Even if your new hobby dog ​​likes you, you still need to get used to playing the second violin. 95 percent of respondents kiss their dogs more often than their partners (and yes, most of them even kiss their furry noses on the lips). Four-legged friends also hear “I love you” more often than their partners, in almost 90% of owners.

It’s no wonder jealousy comes into play with this attachment. About 60 percent of dog owners believe their dog has ever been jealous of their partner. And almost 40% said that their partners at some point were also jealous of their dogs.

Does this all sound pretty harsh? Basically, it just goes to show how unconditionally many people love their dogs. And this says a lot about how loyal the future partner is …

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