Prague Ratter: Small Bundle of Energy with Great Courage & Great Charm

Once highly regarded as a diligent rat hunter and the exclusive companion of Bohemian kings and aristocrats, the Prague Ratter has now become a popular companion dog. The tiny creature impresses with its self-confidence and loves to be close to its people. An attentive guard sniffs out everything worth knowing in his environment because his sense of smell is especially well developed.

Obedient Little Hunter & Noble Companion

In fact, the Prague Ratter was once supposed to guard the Czech royal court and its associated stables from unwanted rodents such as rats. The name “Rattler” comes from this important task. But the tiny dog ​​quickly won the hearts of people. Thus he became a popular companion dog among the Czech aristocracy and was given to noble rulers throughout Europe as a noble gift. The Prague Ratter is now considered the national Czech dog breed.

Prager Rattler Personality

His inquisitive and inquisitive nature makes the Prague Ratter a loyal and obedient companion. The dog inspires children and adults with its playfulness. The toddler has a great hunting instinct inside While he views cats and other dogs as desirable playmates, once they get used to them, smaller housemates such as rats or hamsters can sometimes develop a hunting instinct. Since the Prague Ratter is extremely fast and agile and has a certain tenacity, attempts to hunt free-roaming prey can certainly lead to success. The four-legged friend is very drawn to his family, appreciates the closeness of his people, and would like to be with them everywhere. At first, he is reserved and cautious towards strangers. However, once he has made friends, he is extremely interested in being petted.

Upbringing & Maintenance of the Prague Ratter

Due to his activity, daily walks are an integral part of the appropriate type of content. Dog sports such as dog dancing, agility, or coursing are very good for mentally and physically training smart four-legged friends in a positive way and satisfying their joy of running. When raising a confident hunter, clear rules are needed, which must be followed consistently, but always with love and calmness.

Due to its small size, the Prague Ratter is suitable for keeping in an apartment, provided that it is sufficiently mobile and busy. This breed of dog does not like to be left alone for a long time. Although the Prague Ratter can be trained to be alone for hours at a time, he is most comfortable with his own people.

Caring for the Prague Ratter

The fur is quite unpretentious in care. Usually enough combing. Regular checking of the eyes, erect ears, and nails are also part of the routine.

Size, Weight & Features of the Prague Ratter

At around 20 centimeters in size, the Prague Pied Piper is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. His ideal weight is 2.6 kilograms. When playing, the delicacy of the tiny creature should be taken into account and communicated to young children in a way that is easy to understand. The short coat and small body size make the Prague Ratter sensitive to cold. At low temperatures, appropriate measures may be required, such as additional warm clothing.

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