Pomsky – Cute Miniature Husky From America

A small dog as fluffy as a Spitz and noble as a Husky: The Pomsky from the USA combines the looks of two dog breeds in a compact format. His good looks and lovable personality have earned him the title of “King of Toys” (“King of Miniature Dogs”) in the English-speaking world. In recent years, the crossbreed’s popularity has skyrocketed.

History of Pomsky

Pomsky is a fairly young breed of dog. It is a mix of Pomeranian and Husky, which explains the name. If you’ve ever heard of “Huscarians” they mean the same combination. While the dog breed is so new that there is still no breeding standard, the “International Pom Association” in the US, country of origin, offers initial indications of the desired breed standard. This association is also your source for comprehensive dog breed information. Important to know: Due to the natural difference in size between parents, Pomskies are conceived through artificial insemination. The mother is always a Husky to avoid birth problems caused by oversized puppies.

Pomsky Personality

The Pomsky combines the strengths of the character of his ancestors: he is cheerful and energetic, like a Spitz, and at the same time, loyal and smart, like a Husky. Pomskies are known to be equally playful and strong-willed. The typical Pomsky also has a strong protective instinct and will reliably report special events. His liveliness is combined with a certain tendency to impatience. However, the degree of dominance in the character of the Husky or Spitz varies from dog to dog.

Education, Maintenance & Care

Pomskies are companions for people who live an active lifestyle, they can accompany them on long walks or during sports. Despite their small size, the animals are persistent and appreciate outdoor activities. In addition, the dog needs to work hard to keep busy. Therefore, it is also suitable for families with families where there is always something going on.

If you compare the upbringing of a Pomsky with the upbringing of a purebred Husky, then many things will seem easier to you. The half-breed is usually easy to train and has a pronounced “will to please”: he wants to please his human.

Grooming the Pomsky’s coat is time-consuming, like the coat, with its thick undercoat and silky top coat that needs to be brushed daily. If you teach an animal this procedure in a playful way, like a puppy, this is not a problem.

Features of Pomsky

Pomsky is considered a fashionable dog. The purpose of breeding is a small family dog ​​with the appearance of a sled dog. Strictly speaking, dogs are not a new breed, but purposefully bred mestizos, a common practice in the United States. Correspondingly, the manifestations in which the Pomsky manifest themselves are also diverse, which, in turn, depend on the generation of reproduction. Thus, the animals of the first generation are still rather (and inconsistently) large; after another two generations (in which Pomskies cross with each other) the body size levels off to the desired level. It remains to be seen to what extent typical disease predispositions can be established in these breeding lines.

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