Podenco Andaluz – Great dog from the South of Spain

Podencos are a widespread family in the Iberian Peninsula. They combine the best of hounds and are bred in their homeland for hunting. The Podenco Andaluz is now an independent breed. It is characterized by the joy of running, enthusiasm for hunting, and personality. Indoors, Podenco Andaluz is a calm, affectionate, and affectionate companion with “cat” traits.

Podenco Andaluz – Mysterious Hound

The Andalusian Podenco belongs to the Podenco family, distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The historical origin of these Mediterranean Greyhounds is unclear. One theory is that the breed is descended from the ancient Egyptian Tesem, a greyhound-like breed with erect ears and a curled tail. All Podengo breeds are local breeds of the same type of dog. With Podenco Andaluz originating in Andalusia, such recognition has not yet been obtained. However, it is run by the Spanish canine umbrella organization Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE) and the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) has also recognized the breed nationally.

In their native Spain, the Podeco Andalusian is used as a hunting dog. He hunts independently and with a “soft mouth”, which means that the prey – mostly rabbits – brings the hunter alive.

Characteristics & Nature of Podenco Andaluz

Podenco Andaluz is an unusual, original dog with a peculiar character. Fans of the breed note feline traits in the hounds, because they are stubborn to the point of stubbornness. Podenco Andaluz is an individualist, but at the same time quite sensitive. He does not blindly obey human commands, but first questions them. The Podenco Andaluz is a gifted hunter that, unlike many other greyhound breeds, uses three senses: not only does it hunt with sight, but it also uses its superior sense of smell and hearing to stalk prey. He acts very independently.

In the home, the Podenco Andaluz is calm and unobtrusive, loves to cuddle with his people and loves them in his own way, gets along well with other dogs, and is extremely sociable, as he is accustomed to life in a pack. Physical contact – with people or relatives – is very important for Podenco Andaluz.

Training & Maintenance of Podenco Andaluz

The characteristics of the Podenco Andaluz give you big challenges when it comes to training. Its pronounced hunting instinct, coupled with the ability to work independently and, if necessary, to ignore the commands of the owners. You won’t get much done with Podenco Andaluz with pressure and toughness in training. Calmness, patience, positive reinforcement, clear communication, and strong leadership pave the way for a relationship of trust between people and Podenco.

Podenco Andaluz wants to be fully utilized – both physically and mentally. For example, running work such as jogging or dog sledding is an option. Because the Podenco Andaluz uses its nose when hunting, tasks such as stalking or looking for work, and tracking down a person are also well suited to the Podenco Andaluz. Lunges, working in circles where you can train visual cues with him from a distance, strengthen your relationship with your Podenco and improve his obedience.

With feedback training and adequate activity, you can even let your Podenco Andaluz walk off-leash in the right environment. Ideally, you should also have an area where free running can be controlled to meet your dog’s running needs. Your yard should be surrounded by a high solid fence without loopholes.

If you are considering adopting a Podenco Andaluz from an animal shelter, you should be aware that these dogs often have a history that makes them fearful and suspicious – you need to earn your dog’s trust first. Also, note that Podencos have not been introduced to many things that are part of everyday life and therefore need an appropriate acclimatization period.

Caring for Podenco Andaluz

Podenco Andaluz wool is very easy to care for and practically odorless. It is enough to comb it from time to time. However, the Podenco loves warmth and has no undercoat, so it should wear a coat on cold days.


The Podenco Andaluz is considered a robust and hardy dog ​​that is only slightly susceptible to disease. Diseases specific to the breed are not known. If you have a dog from an animal shelter abroad, make sure it is tested for so-called Mediterranean diseases such as leishmaniasis. You must feed your Podenco Andaluz high-quality food or musculoskeletal problems may develop.

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