Pears: What You Should Know

Pears are fruits that grow on fruit trees. There are many different types of pears. They are considered to be some fruit because there are small pips inside the pears. There are dark yellow and brown pears, as well as green ones, maybe with red spots. The peel is edible, and most of the vitamins are found just below it.

Pears have a similar shape to apples, only they have a kind of extension towards the stem. The name light bulb or simply “pear” for the light bulb that we still sometimes screw into lamps comes from this shape.

Even the ancient Greeks knew pears. They have also already started growing pears. The original wild pears were much smaller and harder. Cultivation and propagation are the same for pears as for apples and for all fruit trees in general.

In Europe, pear trees are mostly found as part of large apple crops. However, pears are not nearly as popular as apples. Their wood is often used to make fine furniture.

A distinction is made between three types of pear trees: The high-stem trees mainly existed earlier. They were scattered in meadows so that the farmer could use the grass underneath. Medium trees are more likely to be in gardens. That’s enough to put a table underneath or play in the shade.

The most common today are low trees. They grow on a lattice wall on the house wall or as a spindle bush in a plantation. The lowest branches are only about half a meter above the ground. So you can pick all the pears without a ladder.

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