Pea: What You Should Know

The pea is a special bean and belongs to the legumes. Therefore it is related to the beans. Peas first came from what is now Turkey. The name pea applies to the seeds, to the pods with the seeds, or to the whole plant. The pods are green, yellow, or brownish. A pod contains four to ten seeds.

There are different types of peas. Only the seeds of the field pea are used. It is particularly strong feed for dairy cattle, chickens, and other poultry.

People only eat special varieties of peas with the pod. In addition, these must be young, otherwise, the pods become tough. An example is sugar peas, which are also called snow peas or peas. They are harvested so early that the seeds are still very small. Most of the time, however, we only eat the seeds. In the supermarket you can find them in cans, frozen or dried.

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Written by Mary Allen

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