Patterdale Terrier – Strong-Willed Hunting Dog for an Active Country Life

With a Patterdale Terrier by your side, life with a dog will never get boring! Cheerful four-legged friends put all their energy and cheerfulness into active daily life. After a long day outdoors and lots of exercises, they are enjoying time with their family – and who knows, maybe they are daydreaming about their next adventure in front of the fireplace.

Patterdale Terrier: Working Dog with a Friendly Disposition

Countless sheep live in the wild and romantic Lake District of England. Foxes are a constant threat. With the goal of breeding a suitable hunting dog that would keep the fox in check without threatening the sheep, breeders in the village of Patterdale created a tough, strong yet friendly breed of dog: the Patterdale Terrier. Today, the robust working dog has fans all over the world, which ensures the continuation of the breed, although it is recognized by only a few associations.

Patterdale Terrier Personality

The Patterdale Terrier is a working dog selected for performance, endurance, and determination. This is a brave, focused, and always highly motivated hunter who unconditionally meets any encounter with the game and even actively searches for it. On English farms, the task of terriers, often kept in packs, was to hunt down, catch and kill foxes and badgers that threatened sheep or chickens on farms. If necessary, a tame four-legged friend can crawl into the robber’s lair and grab him there. An anatomical feature allows him to make himself very narrow and flat. His character and physical endurance are outstanding: he cannot be stopped by blackberry tendrils, streams, or other obstacles.

His strong character traits, such as a strong hunting instinct, courage, and tenacity, are complemented by great friendliness towards people. Most Terriers, when well socialized, do not show aggression towards people or other dogs. However, they are vigilant and always ready to protect you. Attentive dogs decide for themselves when it is necessary if training is not given due attention from the very beginning.

Upbringing & Attitude

Strong-willed, energetic, and independent, the Patterdale Terrier is not a dog breed that makes contact easily. His attitude and upbringing are demanding and require some canine experience. Attentive, intelligent working dogs are best kept with people who can do justice to their unstoppable desire to move and enthusiasm for the job. This is an advantage if the four-legged friend rarely has to be left alone because most Patterdale Terriers do not like this. They like to have their people, or at least their pack of dogs, by their side at all times.

Plenty of space, a large garden, and a breed-appropriate workload have a positive effect on the trainability and suitability for everyday use of the brisk terrier. In addition to hunting, Schutzhund sports, mantrailing, and agility may be suitable activities. Busy Patterdales tend to be wonderful, loving family dogs, attentive and careful with children of all ages.

Getting Started with Putterdale Puppy

As soon as you adopt offspring between 9 and 12 weeks old, you should start with clear and structured training. Smart Patties aren’t afraid to take the lead if you don’t fill the role. Therefore, most breeders do not give their puppies to beginner dogs.

Anyone who has had experience with dogs in general and terriers, in particular, will appreciate the antics and ideas of the young scoundrels. They are always ready to learn something is packaged in a playful way. Impulse control and frustration tolerance exercises need to be firmly integrated into daily life from the very beginning so that highly reactive dogs learn to step back and find peace. This also applies to interacting with other dogs. A valuable contribution to this is made by the school of dog breeders with trainers with experience in working with terriers, and groups for playing with puppies. Socialization with other dogs and people of all kinds is the focus of training in the first few weeks at home.

Patterdale Terrier Care

Terriers selected for hardiness have either a smooth, hard coat or a lightly trimmed coat. Old hair should be professionally trimmed twice a year for this type of coat. Periodic combing is enough in between. Bunches of energy hardly ever shed so much in everyday life.

Since Patterdale is tough, this does not necessarily indicate possible injury. Therefore, you should regularly check your eyes, ears, teeth, and claws to be able to identify minor injuries received in the heat of battle at an early stage.

Characteristics & Health

If you want Patterdale to join your family, you may have problems with existing pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or cats. The dog is born with a strong hunting instinct but can recognize who belongs to the family. Your sensitivity and consistency are important here. Never leave a young dog alone in a room with small animals.

Like all young small dogs, patties should not be climbing stairs or jumping long distances, such as off or off a couch, for the first few months. This can put stress on joints and ligaments.

With an active life, plenty of exercise, and proper nutrition, Patterdale Terriers can live up to 15 years or more.

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