Origin of the Saluki

One of the distinctive features of the Saluki is its long history, which makes it possibly the oldest dog breed in the world.

Where does the Saluki come from?

Predecessors of today’s Persian greyhounds were kept as hunting dogs in the Orient thousands of years ago, as shown by Sumerian wall paintings from 7000 BC. C. Dogs with Saluki characteristics.

These were also popular in ancient Egypt. They later reached China via the Silk Road, where the Chinese Emperor Xuande immortalized them in his paintings.

What does “Saluki” mean?

The name Saluki could derive from the former city of Saluq or from the word Sloughi, which means “greyhound” in Arabic and is now also used to designate the dog breed of the same name.

Salukis in Europe and the Middle East

Salukis were not bred in Europe until 1895. Even today, this dog breed enjoys a particularly high reputation in the Middle East, where Salukis from purely Arabian lineages can cost over 10,000 euros. Although Saluki puppies from European breeders are much more affordable at 1000 to 2000 euros, they are still more expensive than many other dog breeds.

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