No, Not All Dogs (or Their Owners) Want to Greet…

If you have a happy, curious, and uncomplicated dog who would like to greet others, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why other dog owners walk away or say no. Maybe you feel a little offended or sad. But do not take it personally, there can be many reasons why the dog owner you meet does not want the dogs to greet.

The most common reason why a dog owner avoids a meeting is that the owner thinks it is “unnecessary” if the dogs will probably not meet again. The owner simply thinks that the dog already has the acquaintances it needs. A dog meeting always means a certain tension, the dogs should check each other out, and if you are unlucky, the meeting will not be as pleasant as you might have thought. If the dogs also meet on a leash, the leash can hinder their way of communicating naturally with each other or cause them or their owners to become entangled. Then there is a risk that they feel crowded and go on the defensive. Therefore, many dog ​​owners do not want to take the risk.

Why Not

Other reasons why you do not want the dog to be healthy can be that you train it for just that, not to run up to either people or other dogs it meets. The dog may also be ill, newly operated on, or otherwise down, maybe it is running or the owner is simply not in his most social mood.

For those who have a dog that easily gets into stress, gets scared, or makes outbursts, it can be difficult to have to discuss why the dogs should not meet. That the other dog is “kind” or “is a bitch so it certainly goes well” are not arguments that the dog owner should have to respond to, but then you should just respectfully keep your distance.

Best to Meet Loose

Of course, there are dog owners who would like the dogs to meet as well, and for a small puppy, it is good if it gets to meet many different dogs, please of course. An easy way to check the situation is to make eye contact with the owner at a reasonable distance and ask while the dogs are some distance apart. It is almost always best that the dogs can meet loose. If this is not possible, make sure that the leashes are slack and the dogs calm down when they meet.

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