No, It’s Not Silly With Shoes

Of course, the dog should walk without shoes most of the time if it does not have special problems with its paws. But sometimes, as in very cold weather, longer skiing trips / pulsating in snow, drag, or hard crunch, they can be a good complement. And maybe they make the dog actually want to go out in the cold?

Shoes or socks on the dog’s paws in winter protect against:

Hard ice cubes that form between the pads and hurt to walk on and remove;

Cold injuries;

Sharp crowd;

Salted roads (salt corrodes and dries out the paws);

Reduces the risk of claw injuries;


Sharp things like glass on the ground;

The hard surface that wears on pads and can be difficult for dogs with sensitive paws;

Hot asphalt pavement.

Many dogs, on the other hand, think it is a strange invention and are skeptical of wearing them. Try not to make such a big deal of it all, pretending that it is something new, but natural. If the dog is very skeptical, do not stress, and of course, do not bark or force. Take it in small steps and let it take a few days. Start by just introducing them to the dog, maybe put a shoe against the paw, then put on and take off immediately, next time maybe just let the dog stand, then take a few steps inside, etc. until the dog feels comfortable.

It often looks fun when it lifts its paws or walks pole, but do not laugh AT the dog but in that case WITH it, show that this is fun and give lots of praise and reward when it takes a few steps.

Be sure to choose the right size of shoes or socks. If in doubt, take the larger size. And keep in mind that in the winter you need shoes/socks with a little attachment, summer shoes can be slippery.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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