No Dogs in the Front Seat!

Having the dog in a seatbelt is easy and it can be tempting to have the dog next to you in the front seat as a travel companion. But have you thought about the airbag?

Enormous Power in Airbag

No person under 140 cm is allowed to sit in front of an airbag in the car and so few dogs are there when they are sitting. Should the airbag be triggered in a collision, which can happen at fairly low speeds, the force that pushes out the airbag is devastating. The airbag, which is filled with gas, can be inflated in between one fortieth and one-twentieth of a second, which corresponds to a speed of 200 km / h. One does not need to have much imagination to imagine what that bang can do to a dog. In addition, there is a loud bang when the pillow is released, which can damage the hearing of both humans and animals. The further away from the source of the bang the better.

Airbag Also in the Back

If you absolutely want the dog in the front seat, the airbag must be switched off or disconnected by an authorized brand workshop. Not all car models work either. Some cars also have side airbags in the back seat, check how it is in your car. The dog travels most safely in a strong, approved dog cage, firmly anchored in the tailgate.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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