No Cat Owner Wants To Hear These 6 Sayings

Do you have a cat? Then these sentences should look familiar to you and regularly cause eye rolls.

Life with a cat is wonderful: every day there is something to laugh about, love, and cuddle with your furry flatmate. But how are those people supposed to know who has never had a cat? (Yes, such people actually exist! ) As a cat owner, you hear the following sayings again and again:

“Cats are bitchy and sneaky!”

If you don’t know cats, you can’t read their body language. Many actions of the velvet paw, therefore, appear completely arbitrary and unpredictable to ignorant people.

This situation is a classic: Someone strokes a cat, it purrs a lot, and then suddenly and apparently for no reason smacks the person. But instead of getting angry about it or mistrusting cats from now on, one should realize that cats are animals. They always behave exactly as nature tells them to. The task of humans is to recognize signals early and behave accordingly.

“When the baby comes, the cat has to go.”

This is a common misconception that persists. It is true that as a cat owner you should pay attention to a few things, especially during pregnancy. An inevitable reason to give up your beloved animal is by no means the addition to the family.

“Cats scratch the whole apartment!”

It is in the nature of cats to have claws and to use them. But that every cat in the apartment rages and shreds the couch, table, and wallpaper is nonsense.

If you give your cat enough activity, give it education and then also create allowed scratching spots (e.g. with a scratching corner), there is a very high probability that you will not have to complain about scratched furniture.

“When you have a cat in the house, you have cat hair everywhere!”

That is not correct either. Of course, velvet paws have fur, which of course is also changed. If you’re not keeping a hairless cat, you can’t avoid looking at the kitty’s hair.

But if you are diligent here, you can reduce the hair flying around the apartment to a minimum. This includes regular grooming, during which loose cat hair is removed in a controlled manner.

And if you know a few tricks for removing cat hair from the couch and clothes, you can look forward to a hairless apartment despite your beloved four-legged friend.

“Cats sleep, eat, or roam. What do you want with that?”

It’s true that cats are real sleepyheads. They scratch for up to 16 hours a day. They are also nocturnal animals. So it’s only natural that you can’t expect your velvet paw to be constantly active from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

If the cat is outdoors, there is also the fact that it experiences significantly more outside than in the apartment. So it’s clear that she’s resting in the safety of her four walls, getting food and gathering strength for the next big tour.

Nevertheless, as a cat owner, you get great pleasure from the animals when they snuggle up to cuddle, dare to play a little game with us, or get the “zoomies”, i.e. the crazy five minutes.

The special thing about a cat is that although it shares its life with humans, it also makes and implements its own plans every day.

“You’re nothing more than a can opener to the cat.”

If you are not familiar with cats, you cannot recognize the many small tokens of love a cat has. He doesn’t see when Miezi is confessing her love with a slow blink.

It is only natural that an animal becomes particularly active when it comes to a basic need such as food, and that cats, therefore, interact particularly intensively with us at feeding time. The fact that cats only see us as food suppliers is simply wrong.

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