Nature and Temperament of the South Russian Ovcharka

The four-legged friend has many different characteristics. So he can brag about his loyalty and intelligence.

This breed of dog was trained from the start to be independent and self-reliant. This enables him to take quick action when needed.

A South Russian Ovcharka distinguishes between known and unknown situations and people in his experience. They are very sensitive to strangers and show a great deal of mistrust. In the familiar environment, the dogs are very lovable and loyal.

He has a very strong will of his own, which, however, can be controlled, reduced, or increased through good and continuous training.

If there is a clear structure within a family, the four-legged friend also gets along well with the children. However, this clear structure is important. Because if a “Southern Russian” notices insecurity in you or others, he likes to take the upper hand and wants to dominate.

Overall, the four-legged friends are very lively and fast, as well as very muscular. His outward appearance is characterized by his light shaggy fur and dark beady eyes, which are mostly reflected in his hairstyle.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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