Nature and Temperament of the Scottish Terrier

If you are toying with the idea of ​​getting a Scottish Terrier, you can expect a loving dog with a charming personality. The nature of such a dog is characterized by balanced and loyal behavior. He is particularly suitable as a classic family or city dog.

A Scottish Terrier tends to be suspicious of strangers and may be territorial. He exhibits similar behavior with strange dogs, although he is far less belligerent than other terriers in such situations.

In general, Scottish Terriers are calm and easy-going dogs, who nevertheless display a very active demeanor. Because the breed was originally bred for hunting, Scottie’s character is characterized by a bold and active demeanor. In the Scottish Terrier, this drive described is still dormant, but it is less developed than in other hunting dogs.

Tip: If you have one, you should make sure to keep an open eye on your other pets, since with such a breed, even with the very best upbringing, there is always the danger that the hunting instinct will take over from the said dog in a playful mood.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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