Nature and Temperament of the Saluki

Salukis have an independent and somewhat headstrong character, but they are very loyal. In a family, they usually choose their caregiver themselves. They like being close to people and are happy to be petted, but only if they feel like it.

Tip: Despite their reserved nature, they need sufficient contact with their owner and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Busy people who are never at home are not suitable for keeping a Saluki.

Indoors, Salukis are quiet dogs who rarely bark and are not particularly playful. They like to lie and sit in an elevated position on armchairs and sofas. In order for Saluki to be calm and busy at home, he needs a lot of exercise and the chance to run regularly.

Attention: When running out, his hunting instinct can become a problem. As with many sighthound species, this one is very strong and it is therefore not appropriate to let it run off-leash in the open country. Although the Saluki is intelligent and learns quickly, if it sees prey, it will ignore commands.

Salukis are often reserved or indifferent to strangers. But they are not shy or aggressive.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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