Nature and Temperament of the Pointer

The pointer is a very willing-to-learn and well-balanced hunting dog that always needs challenges and is ready for action at any time. Nevertheless, he is never jittery, but always elegant and friendly.

At the same time, the pointer has a strong temperament and is highly sensitive. He is a faithful and loyal companion who is always at your side. Due to its strong hunting instinct, the pointer needs a lot of exercises. Even today, the pointing dog is used professionally for hunting. However, non-hunters can also hold it.

Tip: It is perfect for those who like hiking and are nature lovers.

His favorite pastime is hunting. Here he impresses with his power, his speed, and his endurance. Nothing escapes him thanks to his highly sensitive nose, which means he can smell partridges and pheasants from a great distance away.

In addition, the pointer is a very social creature, which is also reflected in its “will-to-please”. So the will to please others. He adapts well to others and usually gets along well with other dogs and cats. He always avoids conflicts.

Due to his open nature, he is not necessarily suitable as a guard dog. He greets strangers in a friendly and neutral manner. He also gets along well with other conspecifics, he is definitely not an aggressive dog.

However, the pointer is quite alert, which can sometimes result in him barking a little to warn of strangers.

Socializing by Pointer

The pointer is a creature that doesn’t like to live alone. He is very people-oriented and needs a strong bond with his owner. However, he does not want to have to submit to anyone, but to be seen as a partner and friend.

In addition, the pointer is very cuddly, which is why it is also suitable as a family dog. With his gentle demeanor, he is also good with children. He loves to get attention and affection. After a long day, he likes to relax and be petted.

Due to its strong need for exercise, it is suitable for sporty and active people and not for seniors.

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