Nature and Temperament of the Norwich Terrier

The small Norwich Terrier is characterized by its cheerful and affectionate nature. He is very people-oriented and is therefore ideal as a family dog.

The terrier is very adaptable and adapts easily to your living conditions. If calm is desired, the Norwich Terrier is also calm. Because of his playful nature, the little dog is also excellent with children.

He is patient and, enterprising as he is, would like to be part of everything. In addition, the little Britons are very alert and are therefore also suitable as watchdogs – nothing escapes them! Nevertheless, the terrier does not tend to bark.

Norwich Terriers are small, sturdy animals. Just like his ancestors, he is fearless and courageous, but not aggressive. However, the little one also likes to go on a foray, according to the old habit. He doesn’t even shy away from the neighbor’s cat.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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