My Dog Is Suddenly Afraid of Me? 6 Dog Professional Tips

Your best friend is suddenly intimidated by you?

You have the feeling that something is wrong because your dog is suddenly afraid of everything?

Just the thought alone: my dog is suddenly afraid of me is a nightmare for every dog owner.

Very good that you are thinking about it! Because if your dog is suddenly afraid of everything or of you, this is NEVER a good sign!

And that is exactly why we wrote this article. Here you will not only find causes that lead to sudden fear, but also suggestions on what you can do about it.

In a nutshell: My dog is afraid of me – what to do?

If your dog suddenly shows fear of you, this is never a good sign and urgent action is needed!

A third of the causes of sudden anxiety have medical causes. Severe pain, vision or hearing loss are the most common causes.

This should of course be clarified by a professional before the start of training.

Every dog has their own way of expressing fear, so it’s important to understand your four-legged friend’s body language.

Are you unsure what your dog wants to tell you? Then I recommend you take a look at our dog bible. Here you will find many ideas, tips and step-by-step instructions for living happily with your dog.

How do dogs show fear?

As individual as each dog is, they also show fear individually. The dog is suddenly afraid at home or suddenly afraid of the master?

Then it’s worth taking a closer look at your dog’s body language!

The following signs can indicate that your dog is afraid of you:

  • the tail is pulled in, the tip points to the belly
  • the dog tries to shrink
  • the dog pulls its ears back or even flattens them
  • the mouth gap is stretched
  • the dog avoids direct eye contact

If your dog is afraid of you, its behavior can change in the fearful situations. It is important to know that this behavior can also be very pronounced in stressful situations.

  • Increased shaking, panting, or yawning
  • Lick your nose or snout
  • Howling, barking or squeaking
  • is hiding
  • aggression
  • increased fur licking

Why is my puppy suddenly afraid of me?

Puppies get scared easily when they find themselves in a new situation. They are easily startled by strangers and need to discover their courage first.

If your puppy is suddenly afraid of you, you have probably overwhelmed him with a situation.

But no fear. Give the kid time, show him that he can rely on you and offer him security. Try not to play up the situation.

Train with him patiently the encounter with everyday things. You can also distract him with a toy and reward him if he stays calm in a situation.

My dog is suddenly afraid of me – what to do?

Is your dog suddenly backing away from you or scared at home? Unfortunately, the reasons why your dog suddenly becomes afraid are not always easy to understand.

1. Does your dog show fear around you?

Don’t hold him. This can negatively reinforce his fear of you. Massage it with gentle, calm movements. You can talk to him soothingly.

This creates trust and bonding, and your dog will learn not to be afraid of you.

2. Your dog is afraid of you because of a wrong link?

Dogs learn through shortcuts. good as well as bad. It may be that your dog has associated a negative experience with you and is therefore afraid of you, even though the cause is something else, such as a thunderstorm.

Quiet noises, such as soft music, can help your dog. They drown out the frightening noise, allowing them to break the bad link.

Teach your dog that he can rely on you in all situations. This will indicate his fear.

3. Your dog is hiding because he’s scared of you?

Many dogs will look for a safe place to hide when they are scared. Don’t try to lure him out of hiding. Leave him this retreat.

Every time your dog comes out of hiding of his own accord, give him lots of praise.

Make sure you’re speaking calmly at this moment. A high-pitched voice can startle your dog again and encourage him to retreat.

Offer him a safe haven. A place that belongs only to your dog. So he can withdraw himself if he needs it. Here is our report on the best dog crates for the home.

4. Lavender oil for relaxation and anti-anxiety

Lavender oil is very good for this. But note, your darling has an extremely sensitive nose and perceives smells much more than we do!

Put a few drops of lavender oil on an item of clothing you are wearing and place it with your dog.

5. Relaxation using pheromones

Adaptil is probably the best-known product. The fragrances contained in Adaptil consist, among other things, of pheromones, which have a relaxing effect on your dog.

Adaptil is used particularly successfully in dogs that lead to fear from stressful situations such as thunderstorms or separations.

6. Your dog is afraid of stressful situations?

If dogs are exposed to increased stress, this can turn into fear. It can get to the point where your dog is scared of you.

Stress and anxiety are very closely related.

Make sure your dog is balanced and busy. With structure and fair leadership on your part, you can support him very well.


If your dog suddenly becomes afraid of you or your surroundings, this is always a warning sign for you.

Once medical problems have been ruled out, there is a wide range of tools you can use to combat your dog’s anxiety.

Of course, it is important here that you know the cause of your dog’s anxiety!

Are you currently investigating the causes of further problems with your dog?

Take a look at our dog bible, you will definitely find your answer here!

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