Medication Against Mange in Dogs

With a mite infestation (mange), dogs suffer from severe itching. The skin is red and inflamed. Eventually, the dog loses its fur.

In particular, if you do not react immediately and do not initiate treatment against the mites, it can lead to complete loss of fur.

Therefore, you should not treat mange with home remedies. Your vet will treat the mite infestation with medication. This makes mange curable.

Mange in dogs

Mites live everywhere in our environment. The small arachnids cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Most of the time they are not a problem at all. Unless mites nest as parasites under the skin. Then mange mites become very unpleasant.

Many dog ​​lovers are familiar with the horrific images of dogs suffering from mange abroad.

It is therefore good that you are already dealing with the subject of mites. Because if you suspect mange, you must act quickly to avoid worse consequences.

Can mange be transmitted to humans?

One of the many species of mites that can affect our dogs is the mange mite or Sarcoptes scabiei Almagro var. canisAlmagro.

This site belongs to the grave mites. The name grave mite is easily confused with the colloquial term grass mites.

Grass mites are much larger. They are also known as autumn grass mites and are mainly found in southern Europe. The bites are very itchy. Although the itching can last for more than two weeks, grass mites are comparatively harmless to grave mites.

Grave mites also infect other pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or cats, as well as wild animals.

The disease is extremely contagious. As a zoonosis, it can also be transmitted to humans.

Under optimal conditions, the mite can survive for some time even in brushes and in the crevices of furniture. And so everyone in the area can become infected.

How do I know if my dog ​​has mites?

  • Mange is manifested by hair loss.
  • The skin around the eyes, around the corners of the mouth, and on the front legs becomes scaly.
  • Red spots may appear on the skin.
  • The bald skin shows sores.

This happens mainly in the area of ​​the nose and eyes. The mites burrow into the dog’s skin.

They use their mouthparts to dig tunnels and passages into the skin. This causes severe itching.

This often leads to secondary infections. The skin is scabbed and full of scabs. Over time, the skin becomes calloused. More sebum is produced and a rancid smell spreads.

Treatment and diagnosis by the veterinarian

If you suspect that your dog has been infested with mites, or if it has inexplicable itching and bald spots on its coat, you should consult your veterinarian.

He will take a skin swab from the dog and examine it under a microscope. Maybe he’ll do a blood test too.

Around two to four weeks after infestation, this can also be detected in the blood. If mange is recognized and treated quickly, the dog has a very good chance of recovery.

Effective remedy for mange in dogs

It is treated with drugs that kill mites. These remedies may be needed orally as well as externally.

The active ingredients are known

  • fipronil
  • selamectin
  • moxidectin

In addition, a remedy can be given to stop the itching.

To get the annoying mites under control, all textiles such as blankets or lying areas as well as the dog’s care utensils must be treated with mite-killing agents.

In most cases, the vet will also recommend high-quality oils that are mixed into the feed. Salmon oil is always very helpful for skin problems and ensures that the skin heals quickly

How long the treatment lasts depends entirely on how badly your dog is affected.

You can say that after about one to three months the dog is free of mites again. After that, the skin problems mostly subsided.

How do I prevent mites in dogs?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent it. A mite infestation is possible anytime and anywhere.

However, there are several things you can do to ensure that your pet’s immune system is optimally strengthened. Because a dog with a healthy immune system is much less likely to be attacked by mites.

If the animal is fit and healthy and the immune system is in good shape, your dog can usually deal with the mites on its own.

You will probably not notice the temporary infestation at all, or hardly notice it.

healthy and balanced diet is the basis for good defenses against parasites such as mites.

Dog food with a high meat content, some carbohydrates, and high-quality oils with essential fatty acids should be a matter of course.

With sufficient exercise and mental exercise, you also promote the health of your dog. With a dog strengthened in this way, mites hardly stand a chance.

Frequently Asked Question

Is mange in dogs curable?

Mange is a skin disease caused by certain mites in dogs. It is highly contagious and can be fatal for affected dogs without treatment.

Can you vaccinate against mange?

Is there a way to prevent mange? In general, there is no vaccination against mange. However, there are some products you can apply to your dog’s skin that can help against ticks, fleas, and sometimes mites.

What does manage look like in a dog?

Symptoms of localized mange are usually mild with patches of skin mostly on the dog’s face, trunk, or legs. Generalized mange is distributed over the entire body and is characterized by dry, altered skin, a red rash, and even loss of fur.

Where are mites located in dogs?

If your dog suffers from mites, this is often noticeable through increased itching. In addition, typical skin reactions occur in characteristic places. Dogs with the highly contagious sarcoptic mange form crusty skin coverings on their ears, muzzle, stomach, elbows, and hocks.

Can you cure mange?

If there is no constant new infection, it will heal within 2 weeks without treatment. How do I recognize an infected fox? In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, such as bald, scaly skin areas, and frequent intensive scratching, animals suffering from mange often also show behavioral problems.

What kills mange mites?

Thoroughly clean the dog’s surroundings. Wash the dog thoroughly with curd soap. Many mites are already washed out of the fur in this way. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water (ratio 1:1) can help with a digger and Demodex mites.

How long does it take for mites to go away in dogs?

Duration of treatment of a mite infestation in dogs

How long the fight against the mites lasts varies from disease to disease. On average, a mite infestation lasts four to six weeks.

Can you wash a dog with curd soap?

Shampoo or curd soap that we humans use is unsuitable for dogs, as they react sensitively to the scents and the aggressive substances attack the skin’s protective acid mantle. The result is itching, irritated skin, and drying out of the skin.

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