Manchester Terrier -Elegant Bunch of Energy From the UK

The Manchester Terrier is considered one of the most original British dog breeds. His passion and mission were rat hunting. To this day, this hunting instinct is in his blood, so the elegant black and brown terrier needs very good training. In his two-legged family, the lively four-legged friend is a loyal and sweet gossip who gets along well with children of all ages.

Terriers with a Long Tradition

The origins of this hardy and active terrier breed go far beyond the 15th century. During the Tudor period, a breed of dog named after the English city of Manchester gained importance for hunting rats in medieval cities. As cities got cleaner, the Manchester Terrier got a new job hunting rabbits. Today, only a few breeders keep this ancient breed.

Manchester Terriers: Nature

The Manchester Terrier is an intelligent, alert, and purposeful dog that is always ready to do something with its human. With a good deal of willingness to cooperate, he wants to please. He is full of energy and needs maximum physical and mental exercise. If this does not happen, his will and independence come into play. He then makes his own decisions and develops creative ideas for activities such as digging up a vegetable garden, destroying furniture, or barking loudly. The small, bold Terrier tends to take its guard duties very seriously, so good training and socialization are important from the start. The Manchester Terrier is known to be loyal and devoted, attractive in the company of its people. Because of his affection and joy of movement, the little athlete does not like to be left at home alone.

Training & Maintenance of the Manchester Terrier

Like a typical terrier, the Manchester Terrier also needs clear lines and rigid rules. You should place great importance on socializing him in the first few weeks after moving in: show your puppy his new world, introduce him to children, other dogs, and as many different situations as possible, but don’t overwhelm him. He will tend to overwork and needs regular periods of rest. Calm, even movement helps this active dog to exert himself purposefully. Be careful with long gaming sessions and wild games. Your dog will demand more and more.

The hunting instinct requires special attention. Most terriers show a clear interest in cats and small animals from an early age. You should never be left unattended with four-legged roommates. The same applies to walking: it is best to tie your wiry hunting dog with a cable until you can safely control it during a free run. This will protect your dog from accidents and your game from injury and stress.

Manchester Terrier Care

The smooth, short coat of the Manchester Terrier is very easy to care for. It is enough to comb it once a week and check the eyes, ears, and teeth. This breed of dog rarely sheds if the excess hair is brushed regularly.

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